Decalogue / Dodecalogue


Book:         Decalogue/Dodecalogue

by Billy Eduard Albert Meier

Publisher:  FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada

Pages:        292

Format:      DIN A5

Size:           215 x 160

Language: German and English

Binding:     Hardcover

ISBN-13:     978-0-9918573-5-7

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Product Description

DECALOGUE (The Ten Recommendations) resp. DODECALOGUE (The Twelve Recommendations)

The writing at hand constitutes a spiritual and consciousness-based value which, through telepathic inspiration, was transmitted verbatim, as is at hand, to me, Eduard Albert ‘Billy’ Meier, by a high spirit-form and which I, during the transmissions, recorded in longhand always in the individual handwriting of the spirit-form transmitting the message or a part of the message.
The transmissions occurred between the 14th of October and the 17th of November 1975, in eleven parts.
There was absolutely no possibility of communication on my part through to the Petale-level.
However, the text was dictated very slowly, repeated in cases of unclarities, until it was written down rightly in accordance with word and sense.
A precise examination of the original transcript reveals that obviously none of the handwriting was in my own normal script.
It clearly and precisely appears that various Wesen* had been involved in the transcription.
The WE-spirit-form which conveyed its high cognitions to me, called itself ‘PETALE’, which explained that it represents an I-WE-oneness that could proclaim itself in the transmission, if required, as a unity or just as a part of this form.
The text and style of the spiritual messages correspond verbatim with the words reprinted here, without a single letter modification.
Likewise, the text and style do not correspond to my own manner of expression.

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