From time to time errors are discovered in FIGU texts and translations. So that you are informed as soon as possible, please check here to read about any recently discovered errors and make the relevant corrections.

The Way to Live

In 'The Way to Live', first edition, (2015) p.196, no.263, the reader will find, "…, if he/she has reservations about the benefit of the honesty…". This should read, "…, if he/she considers uprightness before benefiting…".

The reader may also notice that this book contains only 500 verses whereas in the introduction it is described as containing 502 verses. '502' is an error which occurred in the German text.

Might of the Thoughts

In both editions of Might of the Thoughts the word 'principal' is erroneously written instead of 'principle'. In the first edition this occurs on pages 326 and 354 and in the second edition on pages 296 and 322.

Important error in the first edition of Might of the Thoughts - ISBN: 978-0-646-59477-4.

On page 36, in the eighth line of the second paragraph, it states, "Therefore, a human being with pure and positively-formed thoughts..." This is wrong. It should state, "Therefore, no human being with pure and positively-formed thoughts ..."