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Proclamation of the Plejaren Committee

1. The flying devices called UFOs by the human beings of Earth have nothing to do whatsoever with us Plejaren and our flying devices.

2. The flying devices of the 'strangers' as well as the incidents of any kind concerning them, which have arisen or will continue to arise in connection with both the flying objects and the strangers themselves, have nothing to do with us Plejaren.

3. We Plejaren have in no form interfered in any earthly events, nor will we ever interfere, whatever may happen.

4. We Plejaren will not, therefore, interfere in any earthly matters, happenings or occurrences that may arise in the future, also not in any regard or another concerning the strangers and their UFO flying devices.

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About the Spread of the New Corona Variant

Dummheit with Regard to Corona

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Rebirth, Life, Dying, Death and Sorrow

The FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia Shop now has the book Rebirth, Life, Dying, Death and Sorrow, by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier available for purchase. Published by FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada.

Rebirth, Life, Dying, Death and Sorrow

'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier

Petition for the Worldwide Outlawing and Abolition of Torture and the Death Penalty

A worldwide outlawing and abolition of torture and the death penalty is imperative and must be put into effect as quickly as possible by all the countries of the Earth. Only in this way can the life of the human being be protected by respective laws and his/her dignity ensured.

Please sign the global petition by Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) which is now online at change.org.

Please also support the petition:
Weltweite Geburtenregelungen verbindlich einführen! – Introduce Obligatory Worldwide Birth Control!

FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia (FLAU) is the Australian National Group and a daughter association of the FIGU Society Mother Center located at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center (SSSC), Hinterschmidrüti, Switzerland.

It is registered as an incorporated association in the state of Victoria in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Vic). The association is not-for-profit and non-hierarchical and independent from any political, religious and ideological groups.

FIGU is an acronym in German for "Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell", which translated into English means "Free Community of Interests Universal".

Our Purpose

To contribute to the growth of FIGU in Australia and to the fulfilling of the mission by making a community of searchers, researchers and those who have knowledge familiar with the spiritual truth and to teach them the utilisation of the spiritual principles in practical life, in the scope of the creational-natural laws and recommendations.

Our Tasks

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