Contact Reports

Effects of Good and Bad Music, excerpts from the 611th and 620th and 634th Contact Reports between Ptaah and Billy

A Look at the Present, 2017, and the Future Developing from it, excerpts from the 691st and 692nd Contact Reports, October, 2017

Contact Conversation and Predictions of Sfath, Excerpt from the 670th official Contact Conversation from the 11th January, 2017

Excerpts from the 646th Official Contact Conversation from 3rd March, 2016

About Atlantis and Mu, excerpt from the 55th Contact Report from 14th June, 1976

Important Excerpts from the 623rd & 625th Contact Reports

Glyphosate, extract from the 574th official contact conversation of the 2nd of November, 2013

Regarding Plejaren Unconscious Thought Impulses, excerpt from the 567th official contact conversation of July 6th, 2013

Regarding the Disturbance to the Chromosphere, excerpt from the 182nd Contact, Thursday, February 3rd, 1983

About Soy Products

Excerpt from the 544th Official Contact Conversation from the 1st September 2012

Stromatolites and the Gulf Oil Spill, extracts from the 494th official contact report of May 11th, 2010 & the 495th contact conversation of June 14th, 2010

Introduction to the Spiritual Teaching, Contact 10, Wednesday, 26th March 1975, 3.20 pm (pages 100-111), sentences 3-273, Pleiadian-Plejaren contact reports, conversations, Volume 1

Understanding the Term "Creation" - Explanation from Semjase, excerpt from contact 18, Thursday, May 15th, 1975, 9:34 PM (pages 150 - 154) Pleiadian-Plejaren contact reports, conversations, Volume 1

Sunspot Activity: Potentially Catastrophic for Earth Electronics, extract from the 515th Official Contact Conversation of March 7th 2011

How Everything Began..., Pleiadian-Plejaren contact reports, introduction, block 1 (Pages 1-3)

Japan - Fukushima, extract from the 517th Contact, Saturday, the 19th of March, 2011

Ptaah’s Commentary on the Fukushima Disaster, extract from the 517th Contact, Saturday, the 19th of March, 2011