Articles written in English by FLAU members and friends are listed here.

FLAU members have the responsibility of presenting the renewed teaching as accurately as possible, however it always remains the reader's responsibility to scrutinise and test each explanation for himself/herself.

The Gods of the Earth were Human Beings

Nurturing Children and Ourselves

Bushfires, Blame Shifting and Causal Foreordination

A Warning

It Fits Like a Glove

A Split Second

Killing in Ausartung and the Law of Elimination

Being Oneself - Knowing Oneself

Real Intellect, Rationality and Logic are True Tools for Understanding the Spiritual

The Truth Must Be Fathomed Individually

The Talmud Jmmanuel

Common Ways the Earth Human Being Irrationally Uses Coercion, Pressure and Force

All You Need is Love

Time is Running Out... Wake Up the Human Beings of the Earth!

Innocence and Ignorance

Deference (Honour, Respect, Veneration) and Venerability are the Primal Powers of all Cognition

True Love has its Basis in Reality, Not in Belief

All About Hair

Prophesies, Predictions and Corroborations - Google Docs

The Purpose of Life is Evolution

Organ Donation and Transplantation - is it a Good Idea?