It Fits Like a Glove

By Vivienne Legg, 25th March, 2019

People who have read the most popular sections of the contact notes that go with this case know the story told in contact 251 about who our very ancient ancestors were and under what circumstances they came to live on Earth. It tells that, right from the start, long before the Lyrian people involved themselves with us, religious stories and faiths were deliberately invented by overlords in order to cause those early Earth human beings to self-destruct or at least be slowed right down in their advancement so they might have a chance to slowly, naturally evolve beyond their exaggerated barbarism before getting capable of space travel. On page 332 of Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 7 (Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports Volume 7), we read the following:

“On the part of the ‘creators’ there was also the hope that the Earth human beings would drive themselves into confusions and wars due to the various teachings of belief and thereby exterminate themselves.”

«Von seiten der <Schöpfer> aus war auch die Hoffnung, dass sich die Erdenmenschen durch die verschiedenen Glaubenslehren in Wirrnisse und Kriege schlagen lassen würden, um sich so selbst auszurotten.»

So, according to the story, the Earth human being was a barbaric and aggressive creature and something to be feared. The extraterrestrial overlords who initially accompanied our ancestors here from the Sirius region, and later fled back to their homelands, did so because of our ancestors’ artificially genetically engineered high level of aggression, which, paired with cleverness and barbarism, led to a frightful possibility that they would rise up and wreak havoc.

There is a lot to understand about the story. But in it our ancient, ancient ancestors were reportedly a people intentionally created with exaggerated fighting tendencies so that they could protect a race that could no longer defend itself. On page 324 it says:

“Through invasive genetic manipulations these new human races were made into lifeforms which bore barbaric characteristics which extended to ‘getting badly out of the control of the good human nature’ and to mercilessness, but whose life was limited to only around 100 years, which was likewise genetically manipulated, and indeed out of the justified anxiety and precaution that the genetically manipulated ones could gang up against their creators and masters and destroy them.”

«Diese neuen Menschenrassen wurden durch eingreifende Genmanipulationen zu Lebensformen gemacht, die barbarische Züge bis zur Ausartung und Gnadenlosigkeit in sich trugen, deren Leben jedoch beschränkt war auf nur rund 100 Jahre, ebenfalls genmanipuliert, and zwar aus der berechtigten Angst und Vorsorge heraus, dass sich die Genmanipulierten gegen ihre Erzeuger und Beherrscher zusammenrotten und diese vernichten könnten.»

What was that all again? For those who are new to this, the story, as told to us, is mind-blowingly involved and long, and in fact altogether spans billions of years! But let’s just make a short version. Imagine you are a highly evolved humanity in regard to knowledge, skilfulness and opulence. You take your evolution so far that you eventually actually genetically engineer aggression right out of your people. You think you don’t need it anymore. But then you realise that you have made yourself vulnerable to attacks by aggressors. What do you do? Having long lost your ability to fight, you create a race of people who do have the aggression gene and can protect you. But you realise that those people could also turn on you and become your aggressors, so you build into them a short life-span and various crippling diseases that prevent them from ever developing into a real threat. Only you got it wrong and their permitted natural barbarism allows them to be great survivors despite all of that. They get out of hand. You decide you have to destroy them. They have become too dangerous. But some among you feel that those aggressive ones should be protected, not killed, and these ‘benevolent ones’ help them flee to a planet far, far away where they will not be found by their creators – to a planet not likely to be suspected as a hideout due to the fact of its dying sun and rather inadequate oxygen levels. After much time has passed during the space travel and the true story of their origin has been obscured and forgotten, those genetically modified people are deliberately misled and controlled with various confused religious teachings to make sure they are thwarted in their evolution and hopefully self-destruct – and here we are! Well it’s not quite that simple, but that is the gist of it.

It’s a really sci-fi sounding story and hard to accept as feasible at first. But to me – admittedly after a very long time absorbing the idea – this fits like a glove and is the story that explains:

why, as a people general, we are so ready to go to war,

why, as a ‘civilisation’ we just never seem to address the obvious problems,

why we have so many persistent, confused religious beliefs,

why we have so much cancer and dementia leaving hardly any family untouched,

why we have such a struggle between the good and the ‘evil’ in us,

why we have such high technological development but poor spiritual development.

Put aside the crazy aggression for a minute. Can a religious belief really be so negative as to be useful to cause the self-destruction of a people? This is still hard to understand for people raised in belief and for whom it has been normal. You might find yourself wondering about the specific stories of your childhood religion, or of any religion, to find the answer. While that is a good place to look, to me the easiest way to understand how any belief is a dangerous thing is simply to observe first and foremost how it removes you from noticing and respecting reality itself because you dare not scrutinise what you have accepted as truth merely through your belief. And you dare not scrutinise any conflicting idea for the same reason. Here, if we are have a background of belief ourselves, we might only think of hard liners – fundamentalists – who would dogmatically never stray from the doctrine. But consider the more liberal believer who does not seem so rigidly attached to the pillars of his/her belief or who even drifts around somewhere between several systems of belief. The mind that allows that flexibility in belief is also not examining reality. How else could it hold several conflicting ideas all at once?

A belief does not have to be bound up in an overtly inhumane dogma for it to do harm. Believing in pretty fairies at the bottom of the garden is also dangerous in its power to prevent us from respecting reality because that still stops us from attending to reality. Peace-and-love-fairy-believers are often just as caught up in beliefs that say that we don’t have to concern ourselves with the world because it is all an illusion and thus not real, for instance. There is nothing harmless about that. Then consider the main god-beliefs where the word of ‘God’ is infallible so that if he directs his followers to go to war and slaughter the enemy, then war becomes just. Either way, it’s a terrible outcome. One does the damage, the other stands aside and allows it – for instance, by not worrying about voting against the leaders who support the war-mongers of the world’s greatest political powers.

I am pleased that our crazy aggression and irrationality is seemingly not a normal state. This all explains to me why things on Earth seem so unreasonably negative and the efforts of those who try to make positive change seem almost completely ineffective against the wall of entrenched beliefs and dogmas. The frightful combination of delusional religious confusion and exaggerated aggression, regardless of how it happened, has really done a job on us. But, in my opinion, this story provides the key to the door of progress and allows us to get it all in perspective and finally move forward in shoes that actually fit!

The only way we can start to come to know any of this, and not just make the mistake of accepting it as belief as well, is to test it very thoroughly and get the experience of those tests. We won’t know if the shoes fit if we don’t try them on and walk around in them. Along with love and wisdom, knowledge is essential. Knowledge is power. Trying to understand where we have come from through scrutinising what is in front of us allows us to find the appropriate path of progress, stepping ahead with our eyes open.

And the reason we can step ahead at all is reportedly this (p.327):

“With all the genetic manipulations however, there was no manipulation of the genetic factor that is responsible for the recognising, remembering, understanding and following of the creational natural laws and recommendations and thereby therefore that which is equalised and good”.

«Bei all den Genmanipulationen jedoch wurde unterlassen, auch das Gen jenes Faktors zu manipulieren, das verantwortlich ist für das Erkennen, Erinnern, Verstehen und Befolgen der schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetze und Gebote und somit also das Ausgeglichene und Gute.»

This was because the creators had to ensure that these fighter people did not degenerate altogether – becoming more dangerous that way. And this meant that over the course of millions of years, the bad in the genetically engineered people would lose more and more significance.

So that would mean that we can actually put it all right with an effort appropriate to the task – a really massive effort, which will hopefully one day be accompanied by our scientists reversing that genetic alteration, as is repeatedly encouraged by Billy and the Plejaren who say that they have assisted with thought-impulses directed at scientists.

So when Billy and the Plejaren go on about our overpopulation, our deadly religious fanaticism, our wars and general criminality as well as the counter-productivity of remembering war crimes over and over through films that depict those events, they are seeing it all for the dangerous negative it is in itself but also in the context of this peculiar history of genetic manipulation which makes us especially susceptible to ‘getting badly out of the control of the good human nature’ as they put it. Still in contact 251 (p. 329) Billy writes:

“Through the military drill as well as through the political smear campaigns and the religious-sectarian fanaticism and the felony of all kinds, the control over the positive is lost, which is swallowed up and depressed by the negative from which, in turn, a state of intoxication of negative evil arises which is uncontrolledly followed and lived.”

«Durch den Militärdrill sowie durch die politischen Hetzkampagnen und den religiös-sektiererischen Fanatismus und das Verbrechertum aller Art geht die Kontrolle über das Positive verloren, das vom Negativen verschluckt und unterdrückt wird, aus dem heraus wiederum ein Rauschzustand des Negativ-Bösen entsteht, dem unkontrolliert nachgegeben und nachgelebt wird.»

We are not unfamiliar with this idea – that people with a disposition for violence are easily set off when put in a violent environment. It is horrible to consider what harm all those violent computer games are doing and what role they play in ensuring that our new generations remain belligerent and become more belligerent, while we dismiss it all as ‘just games’. We have increasing understanding of how the human consciousness works and how, even with someone not predisposed to violence, new negative habits can take root with repetition – habits such as violence and disassociation. And yet we let our children play those games.

What we have now on Earth is seen by the Plejaren as a relapse into the original state of the genetic manipulations, whereby everything gets very badly out of the control of the good human nature and takes the upper hand. Here is how our situation is described by the ‘we-form’ named Arahat Athersata, according to the FIGU book by the same name (p.201).

“34. The Earth human being of the recent time and of the current time is very terribly blunted in his/her consciousness and is a stranger to any true spiritual knowledge, a stranger in the sense that the knowledge is certainly deeply stored in his/her innermost realm, however is condemned to bluntness and is not able to press through into the consciousness because the religious false teaching prevents that. 35. The power of knowledge however, cannot simply disappear, it can only be overshadowed and displaced in order to, at a given time, break through, taking the upper hand and being victorious when you, Earth human being, consciously strive on account of the truth and accept the spiritual teaching, which reveals to you the truth in great wisdom…”. 

«34. Der Erdenmensch der Letztzeit und der Jetztzeit ist in sehr übler Form bewusstseinmässig abgestumpft und jeglichem wahren Geistwissen fremd; fremd in dem Sinne, dass das Wissen wohl zutiefst in seinem Innersten lagert, jedoch zur Stumpfheit verdammt ist und nicht ins Bewusstsein durchzudringen vermag, weil die religiösen Irrlehren dies verhindern. 35. Die Wissenkraft aber kann nicht einfach verschwinden, sie kann nur überschattet und verlagert werden, um zur gegebenen Zeit doch oberhandgewinnend durchzubrechen und zu siegen, wenn du dich, Erdenmensch, bewusst um die Wahrheit bemühst und der Lehre des Geistes akzeptierend wirst, die dir die Wahrheit in grosser Weisheit offenbart.»

How do we start? There are so many starting points. Billy certainly provides mountains of advice, but the critical point that is stressed over and over is that we have to strive hard to consciously examine the truth and build up the good values in ourselves. We need to specifically do this pertaining to our own personalities and look into ourselves and learn about what belief systems and ideologies we are still attached to but also look at that inner source of creational values. The book ‘Macht der Gedanken’ (Might of the Thoughts) explains how the material consciousness of the human being works. It requires repetition of the thoughts that we want to establish there. Eventually, with repetition, those thoughts become established and part of us, part of our subconscious realm, ready to spontaneously break through into our outer life as the relevant circumstances arise. But according to this teaching there is another reason why deliberate persistent effort is required concerning following the creational laws and recommendations. It is to do with impulses out of the storage banks. In Billy’s book Rund um die Fluidalenergie… (All about Fluidal Energies…) on p.295, we can read:

“When a human being intensively occupies himself with a topic, problem or an idea, and so forth, a certain frequency arises which creates a connection to the storage banks wherethrough old relevant impulses from earlier lives are withdrawn by means of which an intentional processing of the topic, problem as well as idea, thoughts and feelings occurs.”

«Wenn sich ein Mensch intensiv mit einem Thema, Problem oder einer Idee usw. beschäftigt, entsteht eine bestimmte Frequenz, die eine Verbindung zu den Speicherbänken schafft, wodurch automatisch aus früheren Leben alte sachdienliche Impulse abgezogen werden, durch die eine intentionale Verarbeitung des Themas, Problems sowie der Idee, Gedanken und Gefühle usw. erfolgt.»

So, we can intensively occupy ourselves with the usual barbarism or we can intensively occupy ourselves with neutral-positive values and get the corresponding impulses to help us on our way.

In the book, Mein Vermächtnis: Mensch der Erde, ich wünsche dir…(My Legacy: Human Being of the Earth, I Wish for You) p. 46, Billy says, “Human of the Earth, I wish for you that you fulfil your yearning and find the truth of the life and can partake of it, so that you can again and again find new power in you to newly enliven you from within. Therefore take care that your thoughts, feelings and actions reflect outwardly, like a clear mirror, your innermost, creational inner nature. In this sense you should practice the meditation which takes you within and in these moments put aside everything that penetratingly binds you desirously to the purely material. Practice finding the way of going inward in order to experience your innermost existence of your Creation-bestowing inner nature. And endeavour to show and live by example the same way for those nearest you or for those who are strangers if they want that. Through that there arises a human connectedness and community – and a connectedness and community sustain.”

«Mensch der Erde, ich wünsche dir, dass du deine Sehnsucht erfüllen und die Wahrheit des Lebens finden und an dieser teilhaben kannst, damit du immer wieder neue Kraft in dir findest, um dich von innen heraus neu zu beleben. Trage daher Sorge, dass deine Gedanken, Gefühle und Handlungen wie ein klarer Spiegel dein innerstes, schöpferisches Wesen nach aussen widerspiegeln. In diesem Sinne sollst du die Verinnerlichende Meditation üben und in diesen Augenblicken alles aus der Hand legen, was dich gedanklichbegierig und durchdringend an das rein Materielle bindet. Übe dich darin, den Weg der verinnerlichung zu finden, um deine innerste Existenz deines schöpfungsverliehenen Wesens zu erfahren. Und bemühe dich, dir nahestehenden oder dir auch fremden Menschen den gleichen Weg vorzuleben oder aufzuweisen, wenn sie das wünschen. Dadurch entsteht eine menschliche Verbundenheit und Gemeinschaft - und eine Verbundenheit und Gemeinschaft trägt.»

Just dabbling in the renewed teaching will not fix the problem. But it appears that we can fix it with effort and with a perspective that extends beyond the individual lifetime. That’s where an exposure to the spiritual teaching is so helpful. How important it is to have an explanation that shows why we have to work so hard at it. We have to actually re-form our consciousnesses and that takes not only meditation but intensive deliberate self-training of the thoughts to overcome the inherited genetically modified characteristics (and seemingly also our resistance to genetic engineering!). Billy has provided the instruction book on how to remodel our consciousnesses, for example, in ‘Macht der Gedanken’. We can begin any time.

Errors Made when Turning Away from Religious Belief

Turning to the good and finding the truth is not going to be without confusion itself for those coming from a world of religious belief in which finding the truth is presented as a mere matter of passively ingesting dogma or passively listening to the words of the teacher or passively giving oneself over to a supposedly real god, or, on the other hand, flogging oneself, tormenting oneself and depriving oneself. And, just because someone might recognise some over-all negatives associated with religions and religious belief, doesn’t mean that they no longer adhere to any of the teachings, even if only subconsciously.

Billy’s view, as expressed in his book, Sinnvolles, Würdevolles, Wertvolles, (Something Sensible, Dignified, Valueful), is that the human being on Earth at the current time is not the result of a search for the truth, which would have led to uncovering and achieving something new within, with independent thoughts, but, he says, the Earth human of the current time is the product of uncountable false influences of all kinds, the worst pertaining to religions, sects, various ideologies, fanatics and state powers. He further explains in one article of that book, ‘Des Menschen Suche … Höhere Realität resp. höhere Wirklichkeit und Wahrheit’ (‘The Human Being’s Searching…; Higher Reality and Truth’) p.125., that Earth’s humankind lacks the very thing it needs to recognise how to search for the truth. There is nothing new around, only wrongly passed-down stories, only partly right book-knowledge and lots of lies. He says that we, the Earth human being in general, are left dulled and disorientated. Inevitably then, there are mistakes on the way to finding the truth and anyone moving away from religion needs to be aware and notice what is happening. I find this a very important topic to examine given that I myself have experienced and have come to recognise a form of this awful confusion, and although many have never been raised in religion as such, I doubt anyone much could really claim to be quite free of it in a more general sense, since it pervades our culture such that we don’t even recognise it for what it is.

So what are the common errors? As ever, Billy explains these at length. A common error is to get out of one particular system of belief only to head straight into another. Billy puts this down to not getting free of the religious and state norms, which we, Earth humankind generally, don’t recognise for what they are. These religious and state-directed norms make the search for truth a farce because as long as they are adhered to mindlessly they are not recognised as also being forms of dogma. It is no good to only think of specific religions and their hold on their followers. If we are going to think this over properly in regard to ourselves or others we have to consider our specific societal norms, which are also a mixture of pre-moulded ideas, ideologies and religious beliefs. For instance, we forget that our society is moulded by political ‘isms’ such as conservatism, capitalism, socialism, feminism and liberalism. We forget that popular views about how to behave conform to these as well as the dominant religious views. In Australia the ‘man on the street’ tends to be for ‘the Aussie battler’ or for les se faire capitalism, for example. Then there are lots of variations to this. A whole lot of behaviours and opinions are attached to each of those labels. Each is a package that we can pick up and carry around without even realising that we believe in it rather than know it and that we dare not stray from that path. And do we realise how successfully politicians use their Church affiliations to win over voters? Why is that? How many people vote for someone because they are from the same denomination or religion? Do we even realise that our whole political system is made up of dogmas? A member of one party or another has to stick with the party line, and so do we, if we don’t want to find ourselves shunned. So many of us follow our leaders mindlessly, too afraid to be independents in the politics of life.

Looking to leaders to tell us what is right and wrong, we Earth human beings generally are still so stuck with the idea that the source of truth is somehow external to us. Listing places we might search for the truth, Billy mentions a pope, a despot, a president and a fanatic. Just because a religion might be swapped for an ideology or philosophy does not mean we are no longer religious believers. If the new ideology is presented by the leader of the country, for instance, and swallowed and followed as a package, without thinking through each part of it, then the ‘believer’ is no closer to the truth than before.

Another reason one belief might be swapped for another is because the believer may be merely fleeing something he or she finds objectionable, rather than wanting to search out what is ultimately real. So in the new philosophy or dogma from the state leaders, for instance, refuge is sought, again without independent thinking and searching. It just feels so comforting for most of us to be told that by following this or that movement or philosophy or political party we will be saved from all the things that trouble us. Billy writes, on page 138 of the same book, about how the Earth human being does not find the way to the true higher inner reality, nor the way to the true outer reality which would reveal the right modes of behaviour to him/her in nature-based form. He writes that by reaching for false teachers and false teaching, and thus not knowing the true inner and outer reality, the Earth human being fears reality and seeks refuge in the mendacious, deceitful and swindle-based promises of salvation of a political, state-based, religious, sectarian, ideological and philosophical kind. He/she thereby believes to have found a possibility of being able to escape all terrible things and insanity.

«... Und da der Mensch nur Irrlehrern und Irrlehren anstatt der effectiven Wahrheit seine Hände reicht und nicht die höhere innere Wirklichkeit und nicht die äussere Realität in ihrer Effectivität kennt, fürchtet er sich davor und flüchtet sich einfach in verlogene, betrügerische und schwindlerische Heilsversprechen politischer, staatlicher, religiöser, sektiererischer, ideologischer und philosophischer Art. Und damit glaubt er dann, eine Möglichkeit gefunden zu haben, um allem Übel und Wahnsinn entrinnen zu können ...».

We just need to contemplate the horrors and stresses and troubles that are experienced as a result of our religions and sects and politics and so on, to understand why the idea of salvation is so appealing. Not only that: our society has been so thoroughly drenched in the notion of salvation through an external source, such as through materialism, for example, that we can hardly think our way out of it and do not even realise that there is nothing about that which remotely serves the evolution of the individual. If you think it does not go beyond religious believers, take the time to consider the way salvation is sought through materialism. And when I use the word ‘salvation’ here I mean in the more general sense of our ‘preservation or deliverance from destruction, difficulty or evil’ (as the Oxford dictionary describes it), which is accompanied by a residual belief that this salvation can and should come from outside of us. This can take the form of the idea that troubles will be over if there is enough money. The materialist seeks to be ‘saved’ from all negatives by the acquisition of wealth, not even realising that we require negatives in order to live a balanced life and evolve and we need to determine the course of our own lives and save ourselves from needless suffering.

So, someone can be mistaken into thinking they have ceased being a believer when they dump their religion for an ‘ism’ such as environmentalism which they may think can only be good considering the importance of respecting nature and caring for it. But any ‘ism’ is only another form of dogmatic acceptance of rigid, limited, pre-moulded ideas. Why not just be a human being who is good to the environment in all logical ways? Why be an ‘environmentalist’ whose knowledge has perhaps not been made his or her own and is directed with a specific bias – say, of a political party, or perhaps a false-humanitarian ideology or even simply by something such as the desire to be immersed in nature, in order to avoid the troubles associated with dealing with other human beings.

Another big reason believers don’t look for the truth where it can be found is because religions have drenched their followers in the idea that spirituality is altered states of consciousness and otherworldly spiritual planes and levels, and so the search for truth in those supposed exalted levels can prevent our search within ourselves since ‘within’ is seen as too ordinary and inadequate. But, as Billy points out, the higher reality, that which is on the other side of the physical life, is simply the higher development of the consciousness, as he explains on page 132.

What he is saying in this section of his article is that all that higher reality has nothing to do with divinities or higher planes and spheres. It is just the powers and energies of the consciousness that create all higher values “and which make possible that which seems impossible to the human being”. He goes on to explain that all so-called supernatural, extrasensory manifestations and powers are not coming from higher planes and spheres but are nothing more than products of the powers and energies of the material consciousness.

«Das nämlich, was über das normale materielle Leben hinausgeht, das Etwas jenseits des materiellen Lebens, eben die höheren Realität, die höhere Wirklichkeit, entspricht allein der höheren Entwicklung des Bewusstseins und hat nichts mit einer Gottheit oder himmlischen Ebenen und Sphären zu tun. Allein die Kraft und Energie des Bewusstseins sind es, die alle höheren Werte schaffen und das scheinbar Menschenunmögliche möglich machen.»

If we can recognise that the norms of our Earth human society, set in train by our political and religious leaders, are themselves only a form of dogma, then we can start to look within ourselves to find the real truth and then form a new truth-based set of norms which come from understanding and examining everything. If we can recognise that expectations regarding supernatural planes and entities have been very useful in keeping Earth human beings from recognising the reality in front of our noses, and thus useful in leading us around by the nose, we can begin exploring and appreciating the true and wonderful nature of that which is right in front of us.

While looking out for common mistakes such as those mentioned above, those of us moving away from religion need also to be prepared for the mistakes of those who are still in the grip of their religious belief when, in following our own path of truth, we find ourselves no longer respected by the community at large and outcast or a second-class citizen because of it.

When recently reading Billy’s explanations regarding this, I started out by again thinking that this could not be true in this day and age. But then I think of my own life. I forget that when I started to realise that peace, love and neutral, creative power for my life were things to find within me I got verbally slapped down as arrogant by god-believers close to me. I know that talking about the power of thoughts and following my inner voice to choose my life-direction made me strange to my school peers and put me very much on the fringe of society. My attempts to try to actually fix the problems of the world led to me not choosing a respectable career path because I could see that the norms of society prevented most respectable paths from being effective at actually fixing the fundamental problems. My views have set me apart from my family and I just now take it for granted that I can’t talk freely to anyone much at all. But the point is not to be fearful or self-pitying, but to be aware that logically it can only be like this until Earth humanity as a whole is capable of changing.

Until the mass of Earth humanity is ready to change it has to react strongly against anyone who makes change toward the truth because it is absolutely threatened by that. This is worth remembering when we question why it is that Billy Meier is almost universally shunned and ridiculed on Earth and is off the media radar. Why is it that he is condemned as a fraud? It’s not because, as some would have us believe, he is some sort of crazy fraud with no adequate evidence. It’s because what he tells and shows us threatens the very basis of our religions and politics. If he is right, then they are wrong. And religious and political leaders and followers fear him greatly, not because of the power of his personality, but because of the truth itself which he delivers by the bucket load and which is far more powerful than him, because, by its nature, it finds its true home deep within us if we only let it, like a river flowing into the ocean.

Billy doesn’t list false humanitarianism in that article, but I want to deal with that at length next because I have personal experience of how that can be the ‘ism’ that someone leaving a religious background can fall into to a greater or lesser degree as an overreaction to the condemning, judgemental, restrictive system of their particular former belief. Billy and Ptaah clearly consider that topic worth revisiting throughout the contact notes. It is also clearly a very major factor in why we do not address our most urgent problem of overpopulation with all its dire effects.

So, looking closely at false humanitarianism: our history and genetic inheritance, as described by Billy and the Plejaren, brings a double-edged sword, with a negative barbarism on the one hand always ready to be brought to the surface and then – equally irrational – an un-neutral positive which leads to such things as the delusional approach to the overpopulation whereby the right of the individual to procreate is valued over the good of the people and planet as a whole.

False humanitarianism is just what it sounds like. It presents as kindness and goodness and love (contrasting with meanness and inhumanity), but actually it is cowardness, thoughtlessness and irresponsibility. In my thinking, the following are all examples. To start with, in an attempt to get away from the condemning, judgemental behaviour of some religious upbringings, there is over-permissiveness, allowing all kinds of behaviours that really should be stopped. On a mundane level, it is feeding the cat a second time because it looks unhappy. It’s having a cat or dog at all because it is supposedly good for the children, even though the planet can’t handle any more meat-consuming creatures. It’s having children to make your husband or wife happy when there are way too many people on the planet anyway which is going to increasingly make us all unhappy. It’s not quarantining someone with a communicable disease because they need the ‘love’ of physical contact. It’s letting a ‘reformed’ abuser out of prison where he or she can access more children. It’s letting our children play war games because they enjoy it. It’s not actually describing the facts of a situation truthfully because the truth would make someone cross or unhappy. In every case it is an action taken due to not addressing the facts logically and thoroughly which is the only way to actually act humanely.

Billy and Ptaah frequently refer to examples of false humanitarianism throughout the contact notes. In book seven alone (Plejadische-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 7) they include the following as examples: providing aid to warring countries, providing food aid to starving, overpopulated peoples (preventing them having to address the cause of the problem), how AIDS has been dealt with largely only with medicines rather than changes to behaviour, the uncontrolled mixing of different peoples and even, as mentioned, some of the opposition to genetic engineering (p.287). Finally, and most significantly, they focus on our allowing the ever increasing overpopulation. Regarding the overpopulation, Billy has the following to say (p.269):

“Another thing that is bad about the whole overpopulation problem is the fact that all those who can bring themselves to talk or write about the Earth humanity getting out of control do it with words and expressions that play it down, which are impractical, mollycoddling and false-humanitarian, which trivialise the really roaring seriousness of the situation, such that hardly anyone has serious thoughts about it or they wrongly understand and wrongly assess the life-endangering situation. These days everything is simply so trivialisingly circumscribed with nice words and false humanitarian expressions that the reality is no longer recognised. But then if someone like me comes along who goes to town with it and names the facts by the right names, then he is abused for it. But exactly this is required if one wants to get through to the human being. Only by going to town and using the hard words of open language, which are powerful in their expression, is one heard today, and that is because the human being feels attacked by the open words and consequently is upset because of them. However, with that the purpose of the exercise is fulfilled because the human being begins to think and concern himself/herself with the facts which one has thrown at his or her stubborn skull with open words.”

«...Schlimm beim ganzen Überbevölkerungsproblem ist noch die Tatsache, dass alle jene, welche sich schon aufraffen können, um gegen die Überhandnahme der Erdenmenscheit zu reden oder zu schreiben, dies mit verharmlosenden, sachundienlichen, verweichlichten und falschhumanen Worten und Aussprüchen tun, die den wirklich brüllenden Ernst der Lage derart bagatellisieren, dass sich kaum jemand ernsthaft Gedanken darum macht oder die lebensgefährdende Sachlage falsch versteht und falsch beurteilt. Alles wird heutzutage einfach mit schönen Worten und falschhumanen Ausdrücken derart verweichlicht umschrieben, dass die Wirklichkeit nicht mehr erkannt wird. Kommt dann aber jemand, wie z.B. ich, der auf den Putz haut und die Fakten beim richtigen Namen nennt, dann wird er als Unflat beschimpft. Aber genau dies ist ja erforderlich, wenn man bei den Menschen durchdringen will: Nur dadurch nämlich, dass man den Putz herunterhaut und die harten und wahrheitlich aussagekräftigen Worte der offenen Rede gebraucht, nur dadurch wird man heute noch gehört, eben darum, weil sich die Menschen durch die offene Sprache angegriffen fühlen und sich folglich deswegen aufregen. Damit aber erfüllt sich der Zweck der Übung, weil nämlich die Menschen zu denken und sich mit den Fakten zu beschäftigen beginnen, die man ihnen mit offenen Worten an den sturen Schädel geschmissen hat.»

I will also include some commentary regarding the mixing of races, because it is a perfect example of a position taken by Billy and the Plejaren which superficially makes them look hard and inhumane because we typically take a different view based on our misunderstanding that humaneness is softness. It is important to explain that, according to the histories and explanations of Billy and the Plejaren extraterrestrials, our peoples and theirs have for millennia been made up of a broad range of races of different colours, with the inevitable understanding that no race or colour is inherently superior to another, making our terrestrial view of race-differences and our xenophobia seem extremely narrow. However, I can already hear the voices of opposition screaming that we should be able to ‘love’ whoever we want to and love is what it is all about. It’s similar to the screams that insist we should all be able to have our own baby or babies, even intellectually disabled and those with inheritable diseases. But surely true love is not restricted to a mere act of begetting or the sharing of our genes, or even to bringing another human being into the world, but actually allows us to rise above such narrow interpretations of it and do the best thing for ourselves and everyone overall? Don’t foster children and adopted children require love of the highest quality? Do people who have no children at all have no opportunities for love, for example, towards other adults who have never had much of it and are badly in need of it? Isn’t it time we tried to learn how to turn our truest love towards the planet that we still expect to sustain us? So on page 200 of block seven of the contact notes we read the following:

“The mixing of peoples is still to mention, whereby also genetic factors bring about changes through which the human being becomes more and more susceptible to any kind of disease-causes/pathogens and therefore to diseases. The mixing of peoples is not as harmless as is assumed by the normal citizen, those in positions of responsibility and the scientists. This is never spoken of, not even when the problem of the mixing of peoples – which happens more and more through the rampant growth of the overpopulation – is addressed. That the immune system is reduced in its power when human beings of different peoples mix, is very broadly unknown by the normal citizen, the responsibility-bearing ones and the scientists. If a mixing occurs on a small scale, for example, if here and there just a couple of human beings from genetically different peoples – that is to say, races – mix through a marriage, it is not of great significance, even if there is already a weakness in the immune system which is recognisable when one precisely investigates. But if it occurs to a greater extent, such as it has for decades with seasonal workers, other foreign workers, asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and tourists, and so on, then the problem has already become a farce because from it not only do immune system weaknesses come about, but also false humanitarianism and many other terrible states of affairs – not to mention the incessantly increasing mass of the overpopulation which is an increasingly growing and increasingly fertile ground for all terrible states of affairs, destructions, eliminations, all kinds of things that get very badly out of the control of the good human nature, and for every kind of disease. It is hardly surprising – when all the associated aspects are exactly examined and are viewed and considered – that allergies, tuberculosis, the plague, malaria, AIDS and other sexual diseases as well as cholera and many other plagues, illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases have, after a long time, arisen again in an increased and epidemic form. …”

«Die Vermischung der Völker ist aber auch noch zu erwähnen, wobei dabei auch erbgutliche Faktoren Veränderungen hervorrufen, durch die der Mensch immer anfälliger für jegliche Art von Krankheitserregern und also für Krankheiten wird. Völkervermischung ist nicht so harmlos, wie der Normalbürger sowie die Verantwortlichen und Wissenschaftler usw. annehmen. Davon ist daher auch nie die Sprache, auch nicht dann, wenn das Problem Völkervermischung angesprochen wird, das durch die rasante Zunahme der Überbevölkerung immer mehr in Erscheinung tritt. Dass das Immunsystem in seiner Kraft vermindert wird, wenn sich Menschen verschiedener Völker vermischen, das ist weitestgehend bei den irdischen Verantwortlichen und Wissenschaftlern sowie beim normalen Volke unbekannt. Wenn die Vermischung in kleinem Rahmen betrieben wird, wenn sich z.B. hie and da einmal zwei Menschen genetisch verschiedener Völker resp. Rassen vermischen, wie eben durch eine Heirat usw,. dann fällt dies nicht sehr ins Gewicht, auch wenn bereits da Immunsystemschwächen erkennbar sind, wenn man genau nachforscht. Findet die Vermischung aber in grösserem Rahmen statt, wie z.B. seit Jahrzehnten durch das Wesen der Saisonarbeiter und sonstigen Fremdarbeiter sowie durch Flüchtlinge, Asylanten, Einwanderer und Touristen usw., dann wird das Problem bereits zu einer Farce, weil daraus nicht nur Immunsystemschwäche, sondern auch Falschhumanismus und viele andere Übel entstehen einmal ganz abgesehen von der unaufhaltsam steigenden Masse der Übervölkerung, die ein steigend wachsender und immer nahrhafter werdender Boden für alle Übel, Zerstörungen, Vernichtungen, Ausartungen aller Art und für jegliche Art von Krankheiten ist. Dass Allergien, Tuberkulose, Pest, Malaria, AIDS und sonstige Geschlechtskrankheiten sowie Cholera und viele andere Plagen, Seuchen und Krankheiten seit längerer Zeit wieder vermehrt und epidemienhaft auftreten, ist also weiter nicht verwunderlich, wenn alle damit verbundenen Aspekte genau durchleuchtet und betrachtet werden.»

With confused, false-humanitarian minds, some of us indignantly race to the defence of ‘nice’ mixed race couples, as if niceness is the deciding factor for the rightness of us having children. Then there is the totally illogical defence that, “after-all, I am in a mixed race relationship” (and actually I am), “and we have a child together”, as if one’s own involvement in something means that it automatically must be good.

While we are on the topic of diseases, do we ever consider how travel, especially international travel, is another massive factor in the spreading of diseases, not to mention increasing greenhouse gasses? Or do we instead think that it is simply good for us to have a holiday, and leave it at that? And how do we want to deal with drug addicts? When Billy mentions moves at one time in Switzerland to provide drug addicts with free drugs, specifically the idea that providing drugs to addicts in a controlled manner would solve the drug problem, Ptaah, (who approves of the idea of the provision of places for drug addicts to get off their drugs under the supervision of doctors or other trained people, and with appropriate ongoing help) responds,

“244. That is a fundamental error, but one that is typical for the confused and illogical thinking and feeling of the Earth human being … 245. The supporters of a free giving-out of drugs and the provision of places and so forth for the addicts to stay are so imprisoned in their false humanitarianism that they are no longer able to grasp reality.”(p.271, Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 7)

«244. Das ist ein grundlegender Irrtum, der aber typisch ist für das verworrene und unlogische Denken und Fühlen der Erdenmenschen, ... 245. Die Befürworter einer freien Drogenabgabe und der Zurverfügungstellung von Aufenthaltsstätten usw. für Drogensüchtige sind derart gefangen in ihrer Falschhumanität, dass sie die Wirklichkeit nicht mehr zu erfassen vermögen.»

So turning to the good is not about becoming soft. It is about becoming neutral-positive. We should provide help where the help is appropriate, but not where it just adds to the problem. We provide that help by removing all prejudices and just seeing and dealing with things as they actually are. The idea could not be simpler even if implementing it seems very difficult. Seeing things as they actually are is a meditation that anyone can practise in small disciplined doses. Start anywhere with anything. A small object like a flower is a good one. But for it to be effective we must be conscientious and persistent and never lose sight of the goal. And then we can also start to look inside without fear of any confusing self-suggestion and a haze of prejudice. Then, when it is our rationality and understanding that leads us to breaking out of the old way, we can actually find true inner peace and freedom.

Putting Things Right – a Proactive Approach

In this understanding of life, the point is to recognise that both the inner life and outer material life have to be acknowledged, respected and lived, not just one or the other. It’s no good just staying with the material external interpretation of life and expecting to move forward. But it is also no good just doing the inner search and thinking there is nothing to be addressed in the material world. It’s all profoundly connected as we would discover through really paying attention to ourselves and the creational process of cause and effect. These material and consciousness parts of us have to work logically together. One part cannot be ignored. And so we also need to logically understand that it is the individual Earth human being who is responsible, with all his or her individual thoughts, wishes and acts, for all that this world is – including the misery, hardship and all other terrible things that make it up. We can’t just see it as something Earth humanity as a whole is responsible for without recognising that the whole is made up of us as individuals. And it’s no good just having an intellectual understanding of this, or of anything else for that matter. As Billy puts it on p. 141 of his book Sinnvolles, Würdevolles, Wertvolles (Something Sensible, Dignified, Valueful) in regard to the human being’s search for higher reality, it has to be recognised clearly and really, just as we recognise happiness and sorrow.

«Und es muss klar und wirklich wie Glück und Leid und also nicht einfach intellektuell erkannt werden, dass sowohl jeder einzelne Mensch ebenso für die falsche Lebensführung und das bestehende Chaos, alles Elend alle Not und alles Übel auf der Welt verantwortlich ist wie auch gesamthaft die Menschheit zusammen.»

If we accept Billy’s story, then this thing regarding our genes, our ‘original sin’, was ‘done’ to us. It wasn’t our fault. How could we help genetically inheriting something that was put into extremely ancient forefathers? According to the explanations, some human beings that came to Earth, and whose spirit forms remained here after their death, were also extraterrestrial peoples who were not the genetically engineered short-lived ones. They ultimately interbred with the humans already here and even their reincarnated personalities had to ultimately be affected by this inheritance. Even the more primitive peoples who only ever evolved on Earth eventually all became affected, according to the story, as interbreeding progressed. Nobody on Earth is now unaffected. How could we be to blame for that? And how could we be to blame for taking in and ‘being taken in by’ all those false stories of belief?

Nothing changes the fact that, contrary to religious teaching, we are the only ones who are actually in charge of our own powers of consciousness, and I don’t offer this as a dogma to believe but as a piece of reality to also test. Are we the real change agents in regard to ourselves? Let’s see if it is true. If it is, we are responsible for making the changes. We have the might. Clearly we have been provided with a big help in the form of the renewed universal spiritual teaching. But only we can use it and test it on ourselves. As explained in the same article on page 146:

“The human being’s search must be directed at finding – without any external influence, without anxiety, without fear of a punishment, without Gewalt and without compulsion – his/her higher inner reality; the kernel of his/her true inner nature, which takes up the creational-natural impulses out of the spiritual realm and forms the centre of the higher inner reality. The change to the feelable becoming-of-reality of the higher inner reality can only occur through one’s own controlled thoughts and feelings, through which a peaceful inner revolution, so-to-speak, and a consciousness-based transformation are called forth. And if that has become reality then brutality and violence fall away from the human being as do his/her uncalmness, hate, addiction to revenge, his/her greed and jealousy, indisposition, peacelessness and lovelessness, his/her greed for might, his/her quarrelsomeness, selfishness, immodesty, arrogance and imperialism as well as egoism and egotism and the many further terrible things.”

«Des Menschen Suche muss darauf ausgerichtet sein, ohne jeglichen äusseren Einfluss, ohne Angst, ohne Furcht vor einer Bestrafung, ohne Gewalt und ohne Zwang seine höherer innere Wirklichkeit zu finden; den Kern seines wahren inneren Wesens, das die schöpferisch-natürlichen Impulse aus dem geistigen Bereiche aufnimmt und das Zentrum der höheren inneren Realität bildet. Die Wandlung zur fühlbaren Wirklichkeitwerdung der höheren inneren Wirklichkeit kann nur erfolgen durch kontrollierte eigene Gedanken und Gefühle, durch die sozusagen eine friedliche innere Revolution und eine bewusstseinsmässige Umwandlung hervorgerufen werden. Und ist diese Wirklichkeit geworden, dann fallen Brutalität und Heftigkeit vom Menschen ebenso ab wie auch seine Unruhe, sein Hass, seine Rachsucht, seine Gier und sein Neid, seine Missgunst, Friedlosigkeit und Lieblosigkeit, seine Machtgier, Streitbereitschaft, Selbstsucht, Unbescheidenheit, Überheblichkeit und Herrschsucht sowie sein Egoismus und Egotismus und was der Übel noch viele weitere sind.»

It’s important to be aware of another effect caused by the dulling religious teachings. If a human being does eventually go into his/her inner realm, after hanging onto all of those norms, he/she at first finds that there is nothing there. Nothing had been or could have been deposited out of the consciousness because the human being himself/herself made the consciousness incapable and damned to bluntness and incapable of spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling. This is simply the result of having not created our own thoughts and feelings or searched actually for the truth which would have caused impulses to arise there and things to establish. Again Billy says this is caused by our dull following of state, religious, political, ideological, philosophical or other worldly norms. If we have a blunt consciousness with blunt thoughts and feelings we cannot create anything new or discover anything new. That doesn’t just apply to the inner world but it also applies to our lives out in the material world.

It’s a hard lesson to learn to be pro-active about truth when we are raised in systems that teach that a supposed ‘God’ is responsible and that our personality strengths and weaknesses can be addressed by praying believingly to him and faithfully leaving it all in his hands. But the thing is, such a believer is actually still really full of doubt about that, because it is NOT knowledge, only belief, so really neither ‘God’ nor the human being takes control. Even these days if things are not going the way I planned and dreamed, I still catch myself starting to sulk and be sad as if it is all out of my control, completely forgetting how absolutely counterproductive and ignorant that is. It’s like someone starting to drive off the road, distressed but not moving the steering wheel to try to correct for it. Here is a good quote from Billy, from his book, Mein Vermächtnis: Mensch der Erde, ich wünsche dir …, (My Legacy: Human of the Earth, I wish for you…) p.157.

“Human being of the Earth, I wish for you that you are never faint-hearted when a physical or consciousness-based weakness befalls you. When it happens that your body becomes heavy or your thoughts are hazy then don’t quarrel with your life or with your fate. But if you do that anyway then ask yourself who you are that you dare to quarrel, because you yourself are the one who must make your body and your thoughts healthy and smooth again”.
«Mensch der Erde, ich wünsche dir, dass du niemals kleinmütig wirst, wenn dich irgendeine körperliche oder bewusstseinsmässige Schwäche befällt. Wenn es so geschieht dass dein Körper schwer wird oder deine Gedanken verschleiert sind, dann hadere nicht mit deinem Leben oder mit deinem Schicksal. Tust du das aber doch, dann frage dich, wer du bist, dass du es wagst zu hadern, denn du selbst bist es der du deinen Körper und deine Gedanken wieder gesunden und glätten lassen musst, weil du für dich selbst in eigener Verantwortung Sorge zu tragen hast.»

We need to free ourselves from everything which prevents us searching for the higher reality such as those points mentioned in the last section – things such as looking for exalted, otherworldly planes and levels, finding something due to a desire to escape or be saved whereby our self-responsibility is ignored, swapping a religious belief for an ‘ism’ which is itself only a pre-moulded ideology. As mentioned, we Earth human beings are seen as not doing the search for the higher reality as a rule because we mindlessly follow norms that are dictated by the state, religions, sects, false-philosophies and ideologies, with fundamentalism and fanaticism dominating. And we don’t put up any resistance to those. This is something that is repeated throughout Billy’s writing on the topic. It clearly demands some serious and thorough thought because only in searching for the truth and finding true truth can we have a healthy attitude for life which is valid across the board. And it is from that that we need to form a rational code of behaviour which is worthy of a human being. And that needs to become a tradition itself, but unlike the existing religious and political traditions which are based on belief and not on examining the truth.

This search for reality, which has to go inside us and concern our own selves, leads us to the real truth and higher reality. All we have to do is create the will to do that search which will ultimately lead to an inner blossoming. The following is from the article, Des Menschen Suche … Höhere Realität resp. höhere Wirklichkeit und Wahrheit‘ (The human being’s Search… Higher Reality, that is, Higher Reality and Truth.), p.128, Sinnvolles, Würdevolles, Wertvolles).

“Thereby there must in no way be any renunciation in the foreground, rather only the constant practise and will of the search, from which finally the finding results and an inner blossoming arises, through which love, peace, freedom, harmony and happiness as well as their whole beauty arise”.

«Dabei muss keineswegs irgendein Verzicht im Vordergrund stehen, sondern nur das stetige Üben und Wollen der Suche, woraus letztlich das Finden resultiert und ein inneres Erblühen entsteht, durch das Liebe, Frieden, Freiheit, Harmonie und Glück sowie deren ganze Schönheit entsteht.»

So all this has to be recognised. Only the inner search creates inner values. And only when the inner values are created can they be effective and move outward into the material outer world. The values we are talking about are equanimity and right condition, love, peace, freedom, happiness and harmony. They need to be anchored powerfully and energetically in the consciousness and character as a result of our own searching and developing. Only then can we do what is appropriate in the outer material reality as these values find their way to the outside. The following is another excerpt from page 4 of Mein Vermächtnis: Mensch der Erde, ich wünsche dir … .

“Human being of the Earth I nurture the wish for you that you develop great ideas and visions, because without ideas and visions nothing great and nothing valuable is able to arise. Therefore use your thoughts and your feelings to evaluate emerging ideas and to form them into great things and into success. To that end preserve your ideas, thoughts and feelings and nurture them in a progressive and equalised frame so as to never lose the great view for the valuable things of life. Preserve your good and healthy ideas, thoughts and feelings and therefore preserve the good, great and broad view, so that you never let yourself be frightened by obstacles which appear on the way of all progressive things. Care for yourself in equalisedness and harmony and let your good, peaceful and loving as well as evolutive ideas, thoughts and feelings which connect human beings, as well as your visions of the same kind, become truth and reality because only through that do great, valuable, effective and progressive things arise”.

«Mensch der Erde, ich hege den Wunsch für dich, dass du grosse Ideen und Visionen entwickelst, denn ohne Ideen und Visionen vermag nichts Grosses und nichts Wertvolles zu entstehen. Benutze daher deine Gedanken und deine Gefühle, um auftauchende Ideen auszuwerten und sie zu Grossem und zum Erfolg zu gestalten. Bewahre daher deine Ideen, Gedanken und Gefühle und pflege sie in fortschrittlichem ausgeglichenem Rahmen, um nie den grossen Blick für die wertvollen Dinge des Lebens zu verlieren. Bewahre deine guten und gesunden Ideen, Gedanken und Gefühle, und also bewahre den guten, grossen und weiten Blick, damit du dich niemals von Hindernissen abschrecken lässt, die auf dem Weg aller fortschrittlichen Dinge in Erscheinung treten. Pflege dich in Ausgeglichenheit und Harmonie und lass deine guten, friedlichen und liebevollen sowie menschlich-verbindenden und evolutiven Ideen, Gedanken und Gefühle sowie deine gleichgearteten Visionen Wahrheit und Wirklicheit werden, denn nur dadurch entsteht Grosses, Wertvolles, Effectives und Fortschrittliches.»