Membership of FIGU Switzerland

Passive Membership of FIGU Switzerland is required for FLAU membership. All persons aged from 18 years and over (or from 16 years with written permission from a parent or guardian) can apply by request for a membership of FIGU Switzerland, independent of race, religion or culture.

We offer the following memberships:

Passive Membership

As a passive member you support the society at your own discretion actively. You have to take part in association activities and helping shape the commercial activities through the yearly passive group General Assembly.

A passive-membership is associated with the following commitments:

The current FIGU-price list provides information on the valid prices respectively.

There exist three further FIGU-memberships:

  1. Spiritual Teaching Study-Passive Membership

    The teaching of the spirit for practical study, in order to work for self-recognition, evolution, knowledge and information on a well-directed path. (Please request application forms for the study course in writing c/o FIGU. Lessons are released 3 times per year). Details about this are printed in the current price list.

    The spiritual teaching study lessons are available in German only, so suitable ability to read and understand German is required.

  2. Benefactor-Membership

    As a benefactor-member you support our society financially without further commitments and tasks. This membership exists principally only for individual persons. The minimum annual contribution amounts to CHF 250.

  3. Core Group-Membership

    The core group of 49 heads and leads all society commercial activities as a collective group. It determines the statutes and rules and lends advisory support for all questions and information as the highest decision-making body of FIGU. The core group-membership, as a rule, is conditional to a preliminary passive membership of several years. A membership requires commitment at all times and is combined with two-time monthly meetings, membership fees, statuary as well as voluntary collaboration and with necessary rules. A membership is possible upon special request.