A Warning

By Vibka Wallder, 13th July 2019

In May 2019, FIGU published a special edition of the ‘FIGU-Zeitzeichen’[1](FIGU Sign of the Times). The Zeitzeichen is published sporadically, around 23-36 times a year, and it is considered the ‘little sister’ of the FIGU-Bulletin. It contains more current articles, reprinted from other publications regarding world news, new research, scientific discoveries, current developments and so forth, about which FIGU has been concerned for some time or even years and which need to be brought to the attention of the public now and not in a few months, as it would be with a FIGU-Bulletin. The bulletins are planned for months ahead and the corrections take some time, but in the Zeitzeichen FIGU is able to quickly share articles from the internet and short excerpts from contact reports between Billy and the Plejaren as they relate to current issues.
When FIGU recently published a special edition of the ‘Zeitzeichen’ ontop of the regular ones, I sat up and took notice. The first contribution is an article by SOTT.net.de, entitled ‘Klare Warnung aus Russland: USA bereitet sich auf einen Atomwaffeneinsatz in Europa vor[2] (‘Clear Warning from Russia: US is preparing to use nuclear weapons in Europe’). However, the same article was published by ‘The Moscow Times’[3], which I will quote here:

“The United States is laying the groundwork to use nuclear weapons in Europe, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s arms control and non-proliferation chief has warned. The U.S. and Russia are suspending the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which bans either side from stationing short- and intermediate-range, land-based missiles in Europe. Russia has said it was planning for a U.S. deployment of new nuclear missiles in Europe following Washington’s planned withdrawal. ‘[The U.S. is] preparing to use nuclear weapons in Europe with the involvement of non-nuclear states,’ Vladimir Yermakov, the head of the Foreign Ministry’s department of arms control and non-proliferation, was quoted as saying on Tuesday. ‘Sadly, some countries dependent on Washington pretend that nothing is happening or are simply afraid to think about how provocative this act is,’ he told the state-run RIA Novosti news agency. Germany’s foreign minister had said in December that Berlin would staunchly oppose any efforts to station new medium-range nuclear missiles in Europe after the INF Treaty is scrapped. Yermakov, in the RIA interview quoted by the RBC news website, warned that European states place themselves ‘on the brink of nuclear catastrophe and complete self-destruction’ by supporting any U.S. nuclear efforts.”
The suspension of the INF Treaty is of great concern, especially for the citizens of Europe who would be in the firing line if the relationship between the US/EU and Russia deteriorated and some war mongering politician in power decided to push a button and trigger a third world war.

Perhaps the reader may think I am too pessimistic, but then the next contribution to the special Zeitzeichen is an excerpt from the 718th Contact Report from the 21st of April, 2019:

Ptaah:  Ptaah: Auch das, was sich neuerlich hinsichtlich der Hetze gegen Russland ergibt und hinterhältig von den Weststaaten angesteuert wird, Russland und damit natürlich Putin bis zu einer äusserst gravierenden Unbesonnenheit zu reizen, fundiert darin, einen Grund zu finden, um die Waffen zum Einsatz zu bringen und also einen Krieg auslösen zu können. Dabei geht es um das Hegemoniegebaren der EU-Diktatur ebenso, wie auch um dasjenige der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, wobei aber auch gewisse Staatsführende von Deutschland mitmischen wollen, die – wie die Regierungsschichten der USA und der EU-Diktatur – dem Wahn verfallen sind, viele Staaten und gar die ganze Erde beherrschen zu müssen. Dabei spielt besonders das grosse gebietsreiche Russland mit seinen Ressourcen die allerwichtigste Rolle, denn wenn dieses durch die Weststaaten in ihren Besitz gebracht werden könnte, und zwar durch Annektion und damit durch Waffengänge, Kriegshandlungen und hinterhältige Geheimdienstaktivitäten usw., dann würde der gesamte Westen profitieren und ganz Russland mit westlichen Einwanderern überschwemmt und ausgebeutet werden. Solcherart Pläne bestehen in geheimer Weise schon seit alters her in Deutschland und wurden auch schon von den frühen Emigranten ins frühe Amerika hinübergebracht, wo sie seither in geheimer Weise weitererhalten und ständig dazu genutzt werden, um Russland zu verunglimpfen, als Feind hinzustellen und die Westvölker gegen Russland bösartig aufzuhetzen. Das aber erzeugte seit jeher in den Westbevölkerungen Hass gegen Russland, wobei diese durch die Staatsmachthabenden bewusst irregeführt wurden, was im Nazireich auch zum Russlandfeldzug geführt hat, der glücklicherweise scheiterte, und zwar auch darum, weil dadurch auch die USA ihre Russland-Herrschaftsbesitzpläne nicht in die Wirklichkeit umsetzen konnten. Nichtsdestoweniger jedoch werden die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika und Deutschland sowie die EU-Diktatur und ihre von ihr beeinflussten und unter ihrer Fuchtel stehenden Vasallenstaaten keine Ruhe geben und weiterhin ihre Russlandfeindschaft aufrechterhalten und weiter alles versuchen und tun, um Russland zu provozieren und es auf einen grossen Krieg ankommen lassen wollen. Ihr altherkömmlicher Hass und ihre Feindschaft und Gier nach den Gebieten von Russland sind tiefgründig und werden auch zukünftig noch viel Unheil anrichten. Das ist das, was ich in kurzen Worten zu deiner Frage sagen will.

Ptaah:  Also that which is happening again with regard to the stirring up of hatred against Russia and is deviously driven by the Western nations, to provoke Russia and therewith of course Putin to an extremely grave inconsiderateness, is based in finding a reason to deploy weapons and thus to be able to trigger a war. Thereby it is about the hegemonic behaviour of the EU-dictatorship as well as that of the United States of America, whereby however, certain national leaders from Germany also want to get involved, who – like the governmental ranks of the USA and the EU-dictatorship – are under the delusion that they have to rule many nations and even the entire Earth. In doing so, especially the big territorially-rich Russia with its resources plays the most important role, because if the western countries could bring it into their possession namely through annexation and thus through armed encounters, acts of war and insidious secret service activities and so forth, then the entire west would profit and all of Russia would be flooded with Western immigrants and be exploited. Such plans have existed secretly in Germany since ancient times and had already been brought over by the early emigrants to early America, where, ever since, they have continued to be secretly maintained and are constantly used to disparage Russia, to misrepresent it as an enemy and to maliciously stir up the Western peoples against Russia. However, since the year dot this has produced hatred against Russia in the Western populations, whereby they were deliberately misled by the mighty ones of state, which also led to the Russian campaign during the Nazi Reich, which failed, which was fortunate also because the USA was therethrough not able to bring its plans of ruling possession of Russia into reality. Nevertheless however, the United States of America and Germany as well as the EU-dictatorship and their vassal states, which are influenced by them and under their thumb, will not let it rest and will continue to uphold their hostility towards Russia and will further try and do everything to provoke Russia and to take their chance on a great war. Their traditional hatred and their hostility and greed for the territories of Russia are deeply grounded and will also continue to bring about much terribleness in the future. That is what I want to say in a few words to your question.

As an example for how the Western media stir up the citizens of the Western countries against Russia, the Zeitzeichen quotes an article entitled ‘Im ZDF erreicht die Nato-Feindpropaganda gegen Russland neuen Höhepunkt’ (In the ZDF [Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, TV station in Germany] the NATO enemy propaganda against Russia reaches a new height)[4]. In this article, which seems very well researched, Herbert Ludwig describes how the German television, by means of incorrect reporting, pushes the Russophobia to new heights. The reader will probably find enough examples for it in the English media as well, so there is no need to go further into it here. But the message is that one should also read articles published online by alternative media, for example, some independent western journalists as well as Russian journalists, which may present a more balanced viewpoint and which do not try to ‘brain-wash’ the reader into thinking that Russia has to be feared. I think the greatest threat to world peace at the present time comes from the US and the EU headquarters in Brussels, because there are some power-hungry and greedy business men and politicians at work, who do not have the welfare of the people at heart but their own greed and that of their wealthy friends. They would not care about war casualties in foreign countries, as long as they can control the world and the ever-dwindling natural resources.
The fact that FIGU then published a prophecy from the book ‘Prophetien und Voraussagen’ (Prophecies and Predictions) [5] in the above mentioned Zeitzeichen, serves as a reminder that the threat to world peace is real and that all of us must do whatever we can to spread the message of peace. Here is the warning from the book:

Donnerstag, 19. November 1981, 17.28 Uhr

Europa sinkt in Asche und Glut,
im Sand verrinnet das Menschenblut,
der dritte Weltenbrand wütet und tobt,
ein Wahnsinnswerk – vom Bösen gelobt.
Millionenfach der Tod grassiert,
der Mensch gnadlos hinweg rasiert.
Es ist Krieg – der dritte Weltenbrand,
heraufbeschworen durch Menschenhand;
durch Religion, Kult, Gier, Hass und Macht,
weil der Erdenmensch über Liebe nur lacht.
Politische Machtgier und Kultreligion,
seit jeher sie sprachen der Wahrheit Hohn,
dadurch sie jetzt den Krieg auslösen,
im 666 – dem Zeichen des Bösen.
Auch der Normalbürger trägt seine Schuld;
für Politik und Kult schwelt er in Huld.
Das macht ihn mitschuldig am Untergang,
denn er verpönt allen Wahrheitsdrang.
Den Menschen interessiert nicht die Wahrheit,
sondern nur Kult-Politik in Falschheit,
wodurch der dritte Weltenbrand erlodert,
und Millionen Tode vom Menschen fordert.
Europa wird hierfür der zentrale Punkt,
wo gleissend der tödliche Blitz erfunkt.
Allein in Deutschland, wo noch Leben blühn,
werden hundert Atomsonnen erglühn,
die erglosend alles zerstören werden,
in brüllendem Feuer, wenn Menschen sterben.
Verantwortungslos die Weltmächte es drehn,
dass die Europäer den Weltenbrand sehn,
durch den die Lande und Leben sterben,
wenn donnernd Atomfeuer brennen werden.
Die Mächtigen der Weltmächte, sie spielen,
wodurch die Untertanen ihr Leben verlieren.
In sicheren Bunkern verkriechen sich die Mächtigen,
während die Untertanen schutzlos nächtigen,
um dadurch den Toden geweiht zu sein;
aber die Mächtigen überleben im Bunkerschrein.
Sie, die Grossen der Welt, pokern um Macht,
und jeder von ihnen ins Fäustchen lacht,
weil sie gemeinsam das tödliche Feuer,
im friedsuchenden Europa abwerfen als Heuer,
für die Bemühungen Europas um Frieden,
der seit langem gesucht wird auf Erden nieden.
Viele Atomtode werden über Europa wallen,
während Chemie- und Bakterienbomben fallen.
Radioaktive Strahlung zerstört viel Leben,
unter Neutronenwellen die Lande erbeben;
langsames Sterben sie qualvoll verbreiten,
die über Tage, Monate und Jahre hinschreiten;
doch noch mannigfacher schreiten Tode umher,
und Europa wird langsam von Menschen leer,
weil die Mächtigen, die Verantwortungslosen,
nicht das eigene Land zum Kriege verlosen,
sondern fern ihrer Heimat in Europaland,
ihre Machtgier stillen im dritten Weltenbrand.
So wird Europa zum Spielball der Macht,
wenn der Tod des Weltenbrandes lacht,
wenn die Mächtigen an sicheren Orten,
Berichte über Sieg und Untergang horten,
über Europa und die Menschen, die sterben.

Thursday, 19th November 1981, 5.28 pm

Europe sinks in ashes and embers,
in the sand human blood trickles away,
the third global conflagration ravages and rages,
a work of insanity – praised by evil.
Death is rampant millionfold,
the human being mercilessly shaved away.
It is war – the third global conflagration,
suggestively and forcefully brought about by human hand;
by religions, cults, greed, hatred and might,
for the Earth’s human being just laughs at love.
Since time immemorial, political greed for might and cult-religion derisively mock the truth,
therethrough they now trigger war,
in 666 – the sign of evil.
The normal citizen also bears his/her blame;
for he/she glows in favour of politics and cult.
That makes him/her complicit in the downfall,
because he/she frowns upon all urge for truth.
The human being is not interested in the truth,
rather only in cult-politics and falsehood,
wherethrough the third global conflagration blazes
and claims millions of deaths of human beings.
Europe will be the central point for this,
where glisteningly the deadly lightening ignites.
In Germany alone, where life still blossoms,
one hundred atomic suns will glow,
which smoulderingly will destroy everything
in roaring fire, when human beings die.
Irresponsibly the world-mights will wangle it,
that the Europeans will face the global conflagration,
through which the lands and lives die,
when thunderous atomic fires will burn.
The mightful ones of the world-mights, they play,
wherethrough the underlings lose their lives.
In safe bunkers the mightful ones hide themselves away,
while the underlings sleep unsheltered,
therethrough being doomed to die;
but the mightful ones survive in the bunker-shrine.
They, the great ones of the world, bid for might
and each one of them laughs up his/her sleeve,
because together they drop the deadly fire
in peace-searching Europe,
as reward for the efforts of Europe for peace,
which has long been searched for on Earth.
Over Europe, many atomic deaths will seethe,
while chemical and bacterial bombs fall.
Radioactive radiation destroys much of life,
under neutron waves the lands tremble;
tormentfully they spread slow dying,
which continues over days, months and years;
but still more manifold deaths come about,
and slowly Europe becomes void of human beings,
because the mightful ones, the irresponsible ones,
do not raffle off their own country to war,
but far from their home in the land of Europe,
they satisfy their greed for might in the third global conflagration.
Thus Europe becomes the plaything of might,
when the death of the global conflagration laughs,
when the mightful ones in safe places,
hoard reports about victory and downfall,
about Europe and the human beings who die.

This is a prophecy, which does not have to come to pass. It is up to all of us human beings on this planet to stop the world from going onto the slippery slide and heading into another World War, which would be more terrible than anything seen in the past due to modern weapon systems.

The special edition of the Zeitzeichen then closes with some words of wisdom by Billy:

Leben als Praxis

Life as Practice

Das Leben muss für den
Menschen Praxis sein. Es
ist für ihn nicht genug, nur
viel eigenes und fremdes
Wissen zu sammeln sowie
Einsichten zu haben, denn
es muss auch jeder Aspekt
dessen erkannt und in die
Praxis umgesetzt werden,
was einer guten und auch
wertigen Lebenserfahrung
sowie den Richtlinien der
Gesetze und Gebote und
deren Energien entspricht.

Life must be practice
for the human being. It
is not enough for him/her to only
collect much of his/her own
knowledge and that from others
and to have insights, because
also one must recognise and
put into practice every aspect of that
which corresponds to a good
and also valuable life-experience
as well as to the guidelines of
the creational-natural
laws and recommendations
and their energies.

SSSC, 10. November 2013,
23.21 h, Billy

SSSC, 10th November 2013,
23:21 , Billy

Mut im Leben

Power of Action1 in Life

Nur wahrer Mut im Leben
vermag ein wahres inneres
Fortschreiten in Verbindung
der Wirklichkeit und deren
Wahrheit zu gewährleisten.

Only true power of action in life
is able to guarantee
a true inner progress
in connection with reality
and its truth.

SSSC, 9. November 2013,
23.17 h, Billy

SSSC, 9th November 2013,
23:17, Billy

How do I deal with a prophecy like the one above, which could spell terrible suffering for my family in Germany and people right around the world? On a personal level I will double my effort in strengthening my psyche by using affirmations, prayers to self and concentration/meditation exercises. Billy’s wise and encouraging words above also give me the ‘Power of Action’ to put the teaching into practise and to not only study and translate the teaching, but to also continue with information stands and distributing peace flyers.


[1] FIGU 2019, Sonderausgabe FIGU-Zeitzeichen Nr.1. Retrieved May 2019, from https://www.figu.org/ch/verein/periodika/zeitzeichen/2019/nr-sa-1.

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[5] BEAM 1982/1996, Prophetien und Voraussagen (pp. 207-208), SSSC, 8495 Schmidrüti, Switzerland.

1. According to Billy the German term ‘Mut’ effectively means ‘Tatkräftigkeit’, wherefore it should not be translated with ‘courage’. According to the Wahrig dictionary, ‘Tatkraft’ means to have the power to do something, to complete something. Therefore ‘Mut’ has been translated with ‘power of action’.