BEAM has written and published over 40 books and many other writings on a variety of topics such as love, the psyche, life and death, meditation, the universe and many others.


His books and writings, most of which are available in the German language only, are available to purchase from the FIGU shop. Published English translations can be purchased in the FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia shop. Translations and excerpts of particular writings can be viewed and downloaded here.

Translations of articles by FIGU members and friends in German and non-English speaking countries around the world can also be viewed and downloaded here.

Although every effort is made to translate the original German writings as accurately as possible, it must be noted that some German words and expressions cannot be translated into English or other languages whilst retaining the precise original German meaning. There are further reasons which are explained in the following documents.

A Necessary Prerequisite...

Explanations by Ptaah and Billy Regarding the German Language