The Values of Ethics and Morals

Finally Stop the Overpopulation on Earth...

Prediction, 16th May, 1947

Attacking Questions from Japan

And there Shall be Peace on Earth...

What is the True Self-love, and What is the Detrimental Narcissistic Ego-love?

If the Human Being is Unhappy and Unsatisfied...

Harmful Computer Games, Motion Pictures and Stage Plays, etc.

Human Being, You are a Creational Wesen

The Good and the Evil

Peace Flyer

Is the Core Group of the FIGU an Elite?...

Morality Virtues

Spirit, Instinct, Life

Prophecies and Predictions 1951 and 1958

Irreconcilability and Reconciliation

Fine-Fluidalness of the Fine-Spiritual Perception, Telepathy, Levitation and Teleportation, etc.

By What a Human Being is Recognisable as a Psychopath

Meditation and Life Itself are the Best Teachers...

Consciously Develop and Use Love, Knowledge, Wisdom and Feeling for Others

Fortune-telling, Star-reading, 'Clairvoyance' and Self-fulfilment

Wealth of the Non-Gewalt and Profound Spiritual Teaching Interpretations

Impatience and Uncontentment Lead to Hate and Anger and an Enemy is a Very Good Tool for Learning

All Seven Forms of Prayer by Nokodemion

Weighty Words About Death

Anger and Rage

The Teaching 'Goblet of the Truth'...

LOVE, from Things Worth Knowing No. 3 pps. 9-11