This page contains translations from books written in German which are available for purchase from the
FIGU Switzerland Shop.

Kelch der Wahrheit - Goblet of the Truth


Why the Human Being Becomes that which he/she Is and Fighting Depression

Wise Advice


A Word to Those Who Pronounce Me Guilty ...

Becoming and Passing

Children, Young Ones and Grown-ups

About the Value of Exchanging Opinions in Relationships

Regarding Thoughts and Feelings of Dependency and Neediness, excerpt from 'Laws and Recommendations of the Behaviour

The Innermost Self, excerpt from 'A Little Bit of Knowledge, Sense and Wisdom'

Tension-reaction, Relaxation-reaction and Relaxation Meditation, excerpt from 'Meditation from Clear Visibility'

Fear of Looking Within, excerpt from 'The Way of Life'

The Female and Male Gender, extract from the book ‘Something Meaningful, Dignified, Valuable’, pages 276-278

About Suicide, excerpt from the Talmud Jmmanuel, Chapter 26, pages 204 – 206