Being Oneself - Knowing Oneself

Bianca Recht, 3rd August, 2014


Being oneself requires a process of constant learning. It is the study in observation of the thoughts and the feelings, which must be practised with perseverance or else nothing of truly good value can be accomplished. An acute observation of the surroundings initiates the awareness through the thoughts. Every moment ought to be utilised wisely in the split second of the passing time. It is a fraction of time that is here now and then gone in an instant. Carefully observing the surroundings is an ability that emerges from being oneself just like a stroke of a brush on the canvas that is life. When we participate in our environment we are alive: it is that glance at a face, a deep look into someone’s eyes, that innocent and engaging smile of a child. It is that sigh during a conversation, the word of thanks at the end of a meeting and the reading of the body language. These natural actions capture the moment that gives us the opportunity to choose how to think, to feel, to react or to choose to observe the progress with absolutely no distraction.

Every human being must decide how to live his or her daily life, and I feel it is pertinent to be fully aware that every human being has a free will. With free will it is one’s choice how to behave with the people around, as for example in the home with family members, in the work environment and also anywhere else, and from those daily interactions one ought to consider how the thoughts, feelings and behaviour influence who we choose to become.

In our fast-pace lifestyle, people fail to strive to change into their true selves and feel afraid or hesitate to create that much deserved change in themselves. Why deserved change? Because every human being deserves to be himself or herself instead of being a copy of the popular and mediocre norm. Many human beings believe that being disconnected from friends, the media and the daily news, etc. would create a void in their life and so they surround themselves with pretentious comforts of materialism, yet that feeling of being connected to the media robs them of precious time to find their true selves and gives that illusory idea of who they believe they are. And so the outcome is that people accept the thoughts, feelings and machinations of others as their own - but these soon lead to slander, anger, hatred, joylessness, envy, jealousy and worry and most agonising thoughts and sleepless nights.

These adopted thoughts and feelings from the environment prevent the people from seeing the obvious in the true reality, which means that striving to be oneself demands that one removes oneself from the comfort of pretention and strives to develop logical thinking and learns to perceive the environment. When people are bombarded with evil words and actions of others they assimilate these negativities and make them their own, and then the person is no longer oneself but only an image of those who caused this harm. Assessing every moment with clarity of mind is an invaluable option because logical thinking requires being in the present. It also means knowing and rejecting these attacks because they are fundamentally not one’s own. These negativities should be ignored as they belong to the antagonists who live with the state of frustration.

In his article, Being Oneself, Billy has this to offer and says:

“The attacks and problems of others are not mine, but belong to the attacker, and this must be the constant motto for those attacked with words, thoughts, feelings, lies, slander and actions, etc. And only when the thoughts and feelings as well as way of acting are cultivated in this form is it possible for the human being to free himself/herself from the image of the adversary and truly be himself/herself”.

«Die Angriffe und Probleme der/des andern sind nicht meine Sache, sondern die des Angreifers resp. der Angreiferin », das muss der dauernde Wahlspruch für Angegriffene sein, die mit Worten, Gedanken, Gefühlen, Lügen, Problemen, Verleumdungen und Handlungen usw. beharkt werden. Und nur wenn in dieser Form die Gedanken und Gefühle sowie die Handlungsweise gepflegt werden, vermag der Mensch sich vom Abbild der Widersacher zu befreien und wahrhaftig sich selbst zu sein.

And so you may ask yourself: “how do I know what is right and what is unright”? The answer is simple yet elusive. For every human being on this planet and also beyond this galaxy, where far more evolved human beings live, the law of Creation stipulates that we must follow our conscience. Our conscience is part of the Creation as creational justice. It is an eternal connection between the spirit-consciousness form and our material consciousness form. This impulse-connection shows a human being who has learned to listen to his/her conscience to know if his/her thought, feeling or action is against the natural-creational laws and recommendations or not. It is the bad feeling a person has when he/she has thought, felt or done something wrong.

The conscience is an in-built factor in the human being from the very first beginning, to always give us a sense of direction towards the logical, the natural-creational, because without the conscience the human being would be a loose cannon, be lost and go astray due to manifold influences like interactions with fellow human beings and events in the world, etc.

I think we are all well aware that the Internet and its many forums, instil fear, anxiety and apprehension and create the psychological tactics through invented conspiracy theories and illogical beliefs, all of which lead the human beings to confusion, unpeace, illness and inevitably are able to weaken the rational mind and prevent the human being from recognising his or her own self. And in the case of the religious or the semi-religious person or the agnostic or the new age believer, who want to change, it is a monumental task and almost an impassable torrent. Every human being who is searching and feels even the slightest connection to the creational laws and recommendations must strive ever so hard to let go of all the negative ideas that prevent him/her from progress.

Social media is a valuable tool for information and for connecting with friends and family and it is a social development. But we must be aware that every positive also attracts the negative so a balance must be formed, otherwise a person can become addicted to it. As human beings, we need to see the facial expressions, the body language, and the environment in front of us and use our seven senses in every interaction in order to be in the moment, in the present practicing mindfulness.

Because computers and Internet have become like an addictive narcotic drug, many people and children cannot do without it. The longer one watches the screen the easier the brain slips into a receptive, passive mode without the participation from the viewer. It numbs that area in the brain that otherwise would be stimulated for activities and learning. This passiveness is associated with unfavourable physiological and cognitive changes. So in this earthly reality, television is a circus often times loaded with freak shows, human taming, concocted lies, telling us what to eat, what to wear and how to think. It is in the business of selling illusions.

Children, for example, have lost the capacity to focus and their ability to retain knowledge doesn’t go beyond 5 minutes or so in many cases. Through this non-thinking the connections between some neurons in the brain through their synapses become obsolete, so they are not needed anymore and shut down, and the same occurs with adults. And so, as time goes by, the person stops self-education and fails to see the value of developing the mind, and begins to question his/her worth, and personal decision making possibilities are put in doubt. Thoughts and feelings and self-initiative are sidelined and neglected. From self-doubt, the human being develops apathy, mischief, and then neglects his/her duty to oneself and behaves with unkindness to others by ridicule and aggression. Also alcohol can stimulate these feelings and lead to recklessness and thoughts of degenerate behaviour, etc. and many negativities divert the attention from the real truth. But the truth lies beneath all the layers of smoke and mirrors that the human beings have built over the years. Hence it is of utmost importance, to strive and to be consciously occupied daily with the material-consciousness thinking-processes, the feelings and the resulting actions, in order to discover how we can evolve along the path to creational knowledge, to truth, to happiness and peace, and how we can unburden ourselves from the worldly negativities.

Yes, the world is a busy place but we must be aware of the important reasons that guide us to making our daily choices, be they negative or be they creative. Being on a journey of self discovery is not a task most people choose to occupy their minds with everyday because it is truly a demanding task and a slow progress, and it can be a lonely place to be. But trusting one’s inner knowledge that progress is achievable no matter how small, is enough of an encouragement to never look back and is worthy of respect because what is done today consciously in a neutral positive manner, will undoubtedly present itself in the spirit’s new material consciousness and personality when it returns to this planet in a new human body.

Many of us who have chosen to go down the path of spiritual learning, are well aware that being oneself is not an easy task as the negative will always push forward trying to derail any effort by creating doubt, and the illogical thought processes of doubt and anxiety can disintegrate one’s hope and therefore must be prevented with the strength of the might of the thoughts. Being oneself means to be living in the present without the fear of the future and also without anxiety. Anxiety is the product of uncertainty about something unknown. But this unknown is not worth being anxious about, but rather it is worth getting to the bottom of, whereby the truth about the unknown is uncovered and dealt with. Instead of hiding behind technological gadgets and the like, it is necessary to recognise and comprehend the truth that there is no need to feel anxious when a person confronts another, but rather one ought to observe and consider everything with open eyes and unfenced senses, and thus see how the person and things actually are. This is one way to gain control of anxiety and it must be imprinted in the memory for future reference, so to speak. With this recognition, the person must overcome the anxiety so that it doesn’t control him/her. Hence, this is but one example of hard work in overcoming one’s negative and illogical thought processes, and so when this is achieved, it feels like progress has taken place and the consciousness and the attitude also change and the thinking becomes more positive. When the anxiety is dissolved in the mind, the body benefits also, whereby the nerves become calmer and the psyche is healed.

But in this self-created maze we call life, we fail to search for the ways to spiritual evolution. Many people imagine that spirituality is about meditation in ashrams in exotic places and gurus leading the believing flock and various cultic organisations, or the praying in the mosques on Fridays, or the parading to the synagogue on Saturdays, or the church service on Sundays, or the “New Age” literature or the hard-to-do yoga, but this is all untrue and is fiction to make it palatable to the non-discerning believer. This is an erroneous form of action as most people choose to follow those who pretend to know and speak of lofty ideas, but in reality those who preach don’t know the real truth, and what they speak of is misleading and confusing. Spirituality is not about ‘believing’ or ‘following’, rather a journey one chooses to undertake to benefit one’s own evolution. Spirituality is about oneness with Creation. It is the responsibility of each and every human being from his or her own free will and good intentions, not because someone suggested it or the media has created a new trend in the so-called ‘New Age’. Each human being must learn to pay attention and perceive everything around him or her with correct use of intellect and rationality and never follow another because, for example, one’s understanding of the truth may not be the same understanding of the truth as another. Yet truth is unchangeable and truth is uncomplicated.

Might of the Thoughts, p. 312:

“…With knowledge acquired one must study all aspects which appear and come to the fore in one’s nature and personality and which reveal one’s morality and character, which embody quite special values of the personality and which are decisive for the virtues and unvirtues. In fact one must be honest with oneself and be willing to address that side of oneself which is the most worthy of love and also recognise the disagreeable, the negative and all the negating forms, because that which is good and positive can be built up into something even higher, while that which is negative must be recognised, addressed and give rise to efforts towards improvement and for change to that which is progressive”.

Dabei müssen alle Aspekte gesehen und studiert werden, die wesens- und persönlichkeitsmässig in Erscheinung treten und auch die Moral und den Charakter offenbaren, die ganz besondere Werte der Persönlichkeit verkörpern und bestimmend für die Tugenden und Untugenden sind. Beim Ganzen ist es von Vorteil, sich gedanklich nicht nur ein Bild der eigenen liebenswertesten Seite zu machen, sondern auch die unliebsamen, negativen und negierenden Formen zu sehen und tatsächlich auch zu realisieren, denn das Gute und Positive kann noch zu Höherem ausgebaut werden, während das Schlechte und Negative Anlass zur Bemühung des Bessermachens und Wandelns zu Fortschrittlichem gibt.

And to do this, the human being must become a patient observer. Only with a learnt perception of the whole reality in any situation can we become cognisant of it and thus become knowledgeable about it. So when I choose to learn the spirit teachings with rationality and intellect, I create a change in my material consciousness because I make these choices with my free will, and with personal inner freedom to do so. Then, I can heal the psyche by changing my ways of thinking with the might of my thoughts, which means that with my material-consciousness thinking-processes, I become who I want to be.

I have gathered valuable verses that refer to the importance of being oneself and I have found that each and every verse contains precious and rare meanings and invaluable insight that deserve my mindfulness for everyday life. The Earth’s humanity is truly lucky to have Billy as the prophet of the New Age one last time. His teachings provide us with tools for this life and next and the next, and the next, etc. So when I read the Goblet of the Truth, sometimes one verse can fill my consciousness with thoughts for the whole day and when re-reading the same verse at a later time, that same verse brings new insights and helps to stir my imagination further with questions of a personal nature. One question will follow another and another until I have gathered enough answers and information that help me see the personality and character that I am and who I am striving to become. It is a process of self-analysis that no psychologist is capable of providing and if I want to progress along the creational path, I must adhere to this practice in an ongoing manner and with mindfulness, in order to be clear, peaceful, and unburdened in my inner nature and my psyche.

Goblet of the Truth

Chapter 14
13) Consider that you can create everything yourselves, because to you is given the might over your inner world (consciousness) and over your thoughts and imaginations (ideas), through which you can devise and carry out great and good deeds so that they are permanent.

Chapter 15
5) The ones having no knowledge of the truth are like useless chaff of the grain which are scattered by the wind, because all of their false actions are without weight and without value, and their words are like mist and smoke and without power.

6) The laws and recommendations of the creation of all things (Creation) are created for the striving towards true love, for the striving towards knowledge and wisdom and for the best possible, moral and virtuous flawlessness (perfection).

7) Each person of your kind (human being) has received natural gifts through the laws and recommendations of the creation of all things (Creation), the powers of the body, the cognition (rationality) and the sageness (intellect) of the inner world (consciousness), the psyche and the thoughts and feelings.

8) And it is the task of each person of your kind (human beings) to allow all these powers to grow forth (evolve) and to create capabilities from them, and to discover new things and to allow them to grow (evolve).

11) And everyone amongst you can acquire virtues by striving to form their character and to instruct and educate themselves; and this personal discipline (self-education) must never cease during the entire life.

Chapter 18
20) And as you abandon submissiveness and turn yourselves to courageous strength which is the superior power, then you cannot wane in the good and will courageously overcome all obstacles.

Chapter 19
103) True love also includes the love for yourselves as people of your kind (self-love), through which you care for yourselves in a regulated way and create what your body and your inner world (consciousness) as well as your psyche need; and this love for yourselves as people of your kind (self-love) is not the same as ego-love (egoism) which is as a vice (addiction/self-addiction) addicted in mercilessness (ruthlessness) to its own desires (urges/ drives/penchants); the first care of self-love shall be for the unfolding (evolution) of the inner world (consciousness), the world of thoughts and feelings and of the psyche as well as the virtues; and if you follow this form of love for yourselves as people of your kind (self-love), then you are following fairness as well as responsibility and righteousness (conscientiousness).

105) The good and valuable forthbringings (creations/products) of the inner world (consciousness), such as education, knowledge, wisdom, ability (capabilities), talents (skills/being well-versed), the admonishment (conscience), the memory (remembering) as well as good character, belong to the most valuable things of the love for yourselves as people of your kind (self-love).

Chapter 24
151) The actual truth of your self is not anchored in the external authority, i.e. ideology, but solely and alone in you yourselves, and indeed in that which you effectively are.

152) Therefore, you shall consider that, if you fathom out yourselves, you do not direct yourselves according to others, not according to an external authority, i.e. not according to an external ideology, but only according to yourselves and according to what you truthfully are and in all honesty want to be and also strive to be; however, if you do not follow this guidance then you will remain during the time of your life as human beings who live from the authority of others and are subserviently dependent on them in debasing submissiveness.

156) If you read and follow a book or other scripts, if you listen to a teacher, to your friends, parents, brothers and sisters, acquaintances, to the other partner in your partnership – whether man or woman – or to an authority or to the society, etc. then this is already an outward and external authority by which you will be captured and made dependent if you do not autonomously think through in yourselves what you have read and heard and if you cannot in yourselves develop it into a valueful factor of the truth that is independent from the outside; but if you do not do this then you will continue to live only according to a pattern and a pre-given formula, as you have done since time immemorial, through enslaving yourselves to an external authority and ideology.

158) In order to achieve this, however, you must change yourselves down to the roots of your inner nature and existence, as well as in your consciousness which you must direct in its function into the right lines of right thoughts, out of which right and good feelings arise accordingly, through which you not only form your own psyche but also influence your inner nature towards a new individuality in a good wise.

161) Therefore there is no god, no tin god, no teacher, no dogma, no method and no system, no coercion, no cleric, no false or true prophet and also no other human being or other external influence through which you could be shown an individual way to an inner developmental change in your inner nature and consciousness, because this individuality is only given in yourselves.

165) Truly, the very realisation of a great developmental change to the good and better is already in you if you become conscious that you have cast off everything that is old, valueless and unsuitable, and through that have won very much more energy and power, by means of which there is no longer any fear in you whatsoever of committing errors, which you inevitably must commit, since it is only out of these that you can learn.

166) The very fact alone that you no longer have any fear of acting rightly or wrongly creates a lot of energy and power in you, and this alone already represents a developmental change in you.

167) Truly, you human beings of Earth, you require a huge amount of energy and power in order to lead your lives, but you waste a very great part of this power and energy through your anxieties and through your fear, however if you turn to the real truth and through this dissipate your anxieties and fear as well as all the terrible things in yourselves consciously through intellect and rationality, then you will create new energy and power through this which independently brings forth a radical inner upheaval and actual developmental change.

171) And consider, when you are free in yourselves that there is also great energy and power in you besides the fact that nothing else can be done wrong with regard to the developmental change of the inner nature; and once there is freedom in you then this has nothing to do with a defence, but rather with you being able to act rightly and freely henceforth according to your own discretion, precisely because you are free in yourselves and act out of the centre of your changed inner nature; and therefore you no longer have any anxiety and fear, but are henceforth capable of creating true love in yourselves and also living it out in yourselves to your fellow human beings, because when you have true love in you then you can do in the right and the good what you want.

173) Truly, what your fellow human beings such as psychologists and philosophers, etc. can teach you is not what you are in yourselves, in your inner nature, i.e. in your individuality, rather they can only teach you your characteristics, your peculiarities that proceed out of your inner nature, but not however the individuality, the specialness and uniqueness which go very far beyond the characteristics and are connected to the innermost part of the inner nature, which is of pure spiritual nature and belongs to the realm of the spirit-form in which the true love and the life are guided from out of the creational Laws and Recommendations.

181) If you really want to learn then you must start a long journey in yourselves
through your entire nature, through its shell and inner and through its core, and also through your entire mental-block and consciousness-block, in which case the consciousness, thoughts and feelings are of just as much importance as are the character and personality; and for this journey you must be unweighted, without opinions and prejudices, as well as unburdened through thoughts and feelings and all the rubbish which has built up in you since time immemorial and has burdened you; forget everything that you yourselves have assumed and thought to know about yourselves, and attempt to recognise yourselves in the wise as if you had never seen yourselves before and never heard anything about yourselves previously, so that you approach yourselves in a totally neutral wise and fathom out what and who you truthly are.

The book The Psyche: p. 96

“What the human being loves, into that he/she will be changed”.

The Innermost Self (p.254. Ein Quentchen Wissen, Sinn und Weisheit)

As a human being, one must never forget the sense of the life and never the existence of the innermost self. Only in one situation – namely when one is overcome by current events or if one is occupied with things that are established outside of the high values of the sense of life and of the innermost self – may one sometimes briefly give oneself over to forgetfulness. So, it does not mean that one must constantly only dedicate oneself to the evolution, rather that one has the freedom to occupy oneself also with different and purely worldly things. Yet one ought to always be mindful of this: that everything worldly is only a concurrent matter in the happenings of the sense of life and thereby in the happenings of the evolution – a matter which is indeed necessary but which ought never to be overvalued.

If one views and considers all the wonders of nature which have come forth from the creational spirit and its energy, then for a few fleeting moments one captures the power and beauty of the spirit of Creation, the fine-spiritual-perception that as a human being, one can sometimes capture in certain moments. To that end, however, the elevated, easy manner of living this relaxed, uncramped way, which is only characteristic of a few human beings, is an urgent and unforgoable prerequisite.



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