The Truth Must Be Fathomed Individually

Adam Dei Rocini, 21st June, 2014

There is no escaping the fact that the human being who wants to know the truth on any level must fathom it individually. No degree, diploma, skill, talent, achievement, television program or any media at all, no religion, sect, cult, group, organisation and no other human being can guarantee this, but only each human being alone, through his/her own efforts, thoughts and thinking, grasping and comprehending. However it does not stop there, because this is not enough. After the truth has been grasped and comprehended, then the human being must take action in putting it into effect in his/her life, otherwise it is all useless. Unless the human being was fortunate enough to have been educated and instructed in the truth from childhood and is already living accordingly, then the fact of the matter is that, for just about everyone, reversing the already established wrong belief systems to some extent, or completely, is inevitable and must be carried out. When this happens, then a quite noticeable change takes place with the individual human being. Little by little, or sometimes mysteriously quickly, the personality changes as he/she integrates the truth into his/her life, which indeed is more than pleasing to observe. However, unfortunately, this does not happen very often at all with the majority of human beings. Many are able to recognise some truth, however are too deeply entrenched in delusional belief and have not taken and simply do not want to take significant steps towards change in this regard.

There are those - and unfortunately this applies to a large number of human beings - who just do not want to make the hard effort of grasping, comprehending and fathoming the truth on an individual level, however, want all the benefits which come along with the truth. So religions, sects, cults, and groups and organisations along the same lines, are perfect havens for such human beings, who are able to simply join them or work their way up to positions of authority, without ever having to make any changes towards the truth or, in some cases, even lift a finger. And this is also why a self-appointed leader, master or guru, or a cult member who has been raised up above the others, is also so successful in finding support and a following. On the one hand, most of the followers want to know the truth, but at the same time are too lazy to do anything about solving the problem at hand, so any responsibility is able to be handed over to the top dog in this respect. On the other hand, in the minds of the followers, the top dog knows all and cannot be wrong or make any mistakes. This leads to the blind belief in the one who heads it all and therefore to the blind belief that the truth cannot be found anywhere else, except with the head and his/her most dedicated followers. It also leads to factions and faction-fighting and innumerably many other problems, right up to murder and suicide. This happens all at the expense of the real and true truth, which awaits the human being and which must be fathomed by the individual alone.

What the religious-sectarian-cultic-minded one either fails or refuses to recognise and comprehend is that the truth is not owned and operated by any individual or group of individuals, as for example, like a business, in which the interested person makes transactions with those responsible for it, in order to take what they want and adorn themselves with it. The truth and the grasping and understanding of it is precisely the opposite, it requires the individual to work hard for it with sweat and tears and when it is acquired and shared, it is not packaged attractively like the religious-sectarian-cultic-minded ones would have one believe. They adorn themselves with titles and robes and palaces, etc., to give the illusion of the truth, which is absolutely not in them.

The nature of the truth is that it is not competitive or open for competition. It can be observed that, contrary to this, in the media, just about everything these days has been turned into a competition. Whether it concerns world or local events, sports and recreation, finding work or a job, building or owning a home or simply even cooking, and the list goes on and on, when it concerns the wellbeing of one human being and another, or one group and another, one always has to come away second best. If one has spent more time than necessary in front of the idiot box, for example, then the programming has probably already done quite a bit of damage in the form of taking away independent thought and replacing it with the pre-packaged unreality. However this problem is inescapable, because if one turns the T.V. off and goes out into the world, it can be observed that this pre-packaged unreality is already ingrained in the consciousnesses of many individuals. If this is not already readily observable, one simply needs to ask the right questions of fellow human beings. Quite a number of them walk around like mindless robots and simply copy what they see in the media, or what they have taken from fellow human beings in this regard. However this applies not only to the mainstream media, but also to the so-called alternate media, which can be found on the internet for example, where many are of the wrong belief that therewith the real truth can be found. However, concerning this, the alternate media is not much different, which is proven by those who use their free time to watch seemingly convincing truth-broadcasts and thereby believe that they have the solution to everything all worked out, until, of course, a conflicting piece of information pops up and throws a spanner in the works of that. Regarding all of this, the fact of the matter is that many pride themselves on knowing this or that or having achieved this or that, however none of it corresponds to the absolute truth.

One cannot surround oneself with only that which is only supposed truth and then expect that rewards will come for doing this, whilst the real truth has not been grasped, understood or implemented in life by the individual. It must be realised that the constant fathoming and implementing of the truth from out of the wellspring of the truth itself is the reward or prize and that ultimately all benefits come out of the wellspring of the truth itself. However, in many cases, these benefits either go unrecognised, because they are not spiritually or materially perceived or manifested in one's life, or, if something is attained, it simply is not appreciated or considered good enough. If this happens, then one of two things occurs. For one, the human being disregards the truth or completely gives up on it. Or it can happen that the human being disdains the truth or even takes a turn for the worst against the truth. If this happens, he/she thereby greedily resorts to extracting every bit of perverted gratification at the expense of others by taking them for a ride, so to speak, by indulging in his/her pathological craving for revenge. The one who behaves like this knows no truth, knowledge or wisdom at all, but only a worldly wisdom, which is equivalent to manipulation, lies and deception, cunningness, guile, and so on, which unscrupulously serve to ultimately benefit only the individual who carries this out. However the question must be asked, why would any human being actually resort to these? The answer always comes down to the fact that the truth is difficult to fathom and implement for many human beings and many are looking only for the easy option, which requires next to no effort at all, of course in exchange for all the benefits which can be made available at one's disposal and accumulated. And this is really the foundation for religious-sectarian-cultic thinking and behaviour, which is that not even one thought, let alone any change of behaviour, would need to be made by the individual concerning the truth, in order to be able to attain or achieve anything which is considered of value in life, and also, if need be, resorting to any negative and destructive means necessary to attain or achieve this is considered perfectly acceptable.

This kind of extremely lazy and negative thinking starts with the individual and then spreads into the religions and sects, etc., some of which have been perfected for indoctrination and in existence for hundreds of years, while, in recent times, hundreds and thousands of others sects, cults, groups and organisations have sprung up, created by individuals with the same mode of thinking and behaving. And it matters not what these religions, sects, cults, groups and organisations are, whether it is the Roman Catholic Church itself or the local bowling club, as long as there are individuals who are religious-sectarian-cultic minded and opposed to the truth, in other words, who revel in unlawfulness, unrighteousness, unfairness, hatred and everything else which is bad and terrible, then the truth and everything good is already at risk of being destroyed by those responsible for that. If one really thinks about it, it is the individuals alone who are able to spread all of this to fellow human beings and to humanity by whatever means necessary. Fundamentally, it is not the religions, sects, cults, groups or organisations which are responsible, but the individual human beings themselves, who create and constitute these, and their modes of thinking and behaviour. This therefore means that any type of group can become fanatically, religiously or sectarian oriented, as long as there are ones who act counter to the truth, the laws and recommendations of the Creation and all the good and high values.

This is why it is very important that the human being finds quiet time for himself/herself, away from other human beings and groups, in order to grant sufficient time for thinking, meditating and also reading, be it the writings of the prophet, ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, or of other FIGU members or any other writings at all, which are able to challenge or refresh the reader and open him/her up to new insights and understanding and ultimately lead him/her to a real positive change in himself/herself. What many religious-sectarian-cultic thinkers are enslaved to, is the erroneous belief that there is the absolute truth, which is the beginning and end of all truth, which can be found with one group or human being, however there is no truth to be found as such. However religious-sectarian-cultic thinkers believe that they may find such a truth with a human being or a group or an organisation and that by associating themselves with those, and controlling everything else, that they are therefore connected to the true truth; absolute madness and delusion. When they are unable to find this absolute truth with one human being or group, etc., in many cases they move onto another and another and so on, without ever finding root in the true truth, which can be found only in oneself. Such delusional thinking is contagious and if it is not remedied spreads to even greater delusional thinking and eventually to insanity, whether it is passed on from generation to generation in a genetically-inheritable manner, or through lack of good instruction and false teachings.

Although the teaching of the truth is written in words, it is ultimately an expression and is lived out in the world by the individual human being. And the other way around, where the teaching finds expression, be it in one’s personal life or in the world with other human beings, it can be written down in words. And this is the nature of the teaching of life, it can be fathomed alone by oneself in deep thought or meditation and it can find expression with fellow human beings and be lived out and experienced firsthand. This is proven by anyone who has encountered a kind-hearted human being in the world who has selflessly offered help in any form or gone out of his/her way to lend a hand. On the contrary, however, for religious-sectarian-cultic delusional thinkers and the ones who behave accordingly, offering help in any form is considered worthless, if they cannot extract some personal benefit out of doing something, or at least be observed by someone carrying it out. More than anything, they want to take for themselves all the truth which the individual human being has gained and has to offer the world, claim it as their own, silence each human being, trample and destroy his/her individuality and bring him/her under their own control through their own indoctrination and by whichever means necessary. The most frightening thing of all in all of this is that, the blind believers who think and behave like this, in many cases, do not have even the slightest urge to pull themselves out of this thought-enslavement, whilst many, through being hoodwinked or just sheer stupidity, also continue to believe that they are contributing to the wellbeing of humanity.

Just as it would be boring if there was only one type of flower in the world, it would be equally as boring if there was only one human being with all the truth and that each individual human being was not allowed to express himself/herself and his/her individual truth. It is precisely this illness which the religious-sectarian-cultic delusional teachings and the ones who have fallen into them and this mode of thinking and behaviour, spread into families, groups and eventually into all of humanity, thereby attempting to destroy the truth and everything good. So therefore the human being ought to search close and further for the truth and guard himself/herself from laziness or idleness with regard to truth-fathoming for himself/herself and therefore also from being caught by the snare of religious-sectarian-cultic delusion and plummeting into its wide and deep abyss.



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