A Fight Against Overpopulation

Important Appeal

Dear Readers,

Please copy this booklet, 'A Fight Against Overpopulation', as often as possible and spread it also with your address. Should you be proficient in a foreign language, then we invite you to translate this text into that language. We would appreciate receiving a copy of your translation and, along with it, your written permission for further use of the translation, in case we require it.

It is important to spread this text worldwide, because only therethrough the possibility exists that the deadly problem of overpopulation will be realised and that intentional and international steps will be taken against it, which also applies to torture and the death penalty. (The brochure, ‘Stop the Insanity of Torture and Death Penalty’ can be obtained from FIGU to be copied, translated and spread as well.) Please spread these texts to the best of your ability.

Send copies of the texts to your relatives, acquaintances, friends, colleagues and associates; to physicians and scientists; to organisations of all kinds; to churches and sects that preach unrestrained human procreation; to environmental protection agencies and clubs of all kinds; to relief organisations, peace organisations and other organisations; to ministers, priests and clergymen; to radio and television stations, newspapers, journals, professional journals, tabloids and so forth; to the authorities, journalists, politicians, the military, legal authorities, schools and universities; to attorneys, the government and all kinds of agencies; to private citizens, to professors and governing boards; to businesses and corporations; to every Tom, Dick and Harry, and any other human beings of whom you may think, because the overpopulation problem, along with the ensuing destruction of all life on Earth and the planet itself, concerns all human beings, even those in the backwaters of the loneliest loneliness.

Please help us in our fight against overpopulation, the fight against the destruction of all life on Earth, because only through your help and that of every single person, can the juggernaut and destroyer called overpopulation be contained, reduced and normalised, so that life on Earth, once again, will become worthwhile for the human being and all other creatures of other kinds, and therewith all life and the planet will be preserved. Your help and the assistance of every single human being is required for this task. If the individual human beings participate and unite in this undertaking, the outcome will produce a gigantic mass and power capable of attacking and eradicating all terrible things on Earth. However, nothing will ever be accomplished, unless each and every individual human being strives to fight against all accruing terrible things. Only in unity lies the strength to change and improve terrible things, and indeed if the individual human being dares to do and to undertake something, and therethrough finds like-minded ones; together they will slowly but surely form a great mass which will become highly visible and will be able to unfold its power. For this reason it is essential that everyone takes action and therewith finds like-minded ones in order to be able to powerfully go against all terrible things. Therefore please – as an individual human being and by means of your own activities – help us by supporting the fight against overpopulation and by standing up against the destruction that is threatening and partially already appearing due to the overpopulation and by supporting us in this task in every possible way.

Help us to stop the destruction caused by overpopulation in the sense of: 'Save the Earth, life, plants, human beings and animals and other creatures', in the same way as the FIGU, Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell, Hinterschmidrüti 1225, 8495 Schmidrüti/Switzerland, supports it. (A corresponding sticker may be purchased for CHF 1.00 from FIGU at 8495 Schmidrüti, Switzerland.)

The highest urgency is required if the rapid and explosive increase in overpopulation is to be faced effectively and this most fundamental of all terrible things is to be kept at bay.

With your cooperation, you support a campaign that spreads the relentlessly listed facts on overpopulation and facts concerning the ongoing and rapidly deteriorating developments. You participate directly in a campaign that has the survival of humanity as such and as a whole as its Ziel/destination/fulfilment.

Only when even the last underdeveloped inhabitant of the most remote backwater in the bush is conscious of the meaning of overpopulation for himself/herself and for other human beings, and only when he/she has become willing to let rationality prevail, can our campaign be considered a success. Therefore do not let your support of the campaign go by mailing and distributing only a few copies of the text, but continue to help us in our campaign by repeatedly working with us throughout the coming years and decades, and also encourage your descendants to do likewise, so that they, too, in turn shall carry it forth to their descendants, and so forth.

We appeal to you as a human being, to distribute this text to the best of your ability by making it accessible to all of your fellow human beings.

PLEASE CONSIDER: Many billions of human beings require this information!

(An extensive and threatening topic nobody dares to address.)

By 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier

Translation by Mariann Uehlinger, Vibka Wallder and Bruce Lulla

25th February, 2020

Symbol - Overpopulation

The Earth-humans and their planet are suffering from diverse terrible things caused solely and exclusively by the human being himself/herself. These already existing terrible things, however, will multiply manifoldly until finally everything goes completely overboard.

The human being of Earth is being tormented by famines, energy shortages, rampantly spreading diseases, environmental pollution, Ausartung, terrorism, dictatorship, anarchism, slavery, excessive increase of hazardous waste, racial hatred, food shortage, destruction of rain forests, the greenhouse effect, water pollution/contamination, hatred towards asylum-seekers; radioactive contamination and chemical contamination of waters, air, plants, food, human beings and animals and other creatures. Crime, murder, mass murders, manslaughter; alcoholism, hatred of strangers, hatred of foreigners, oppression, hatred of the next one, extremism, sectarianism, drug addiction, overpopulation, extinction of animal species, war, Gewalt, torture and the death penalty, general mismanagement, water contamination, extinction of plant species; hatred, vice, jealousy, lovelessness, unlogic, wrong humanitarianism, housing shortage, traffic getting out of hand, destruction of cultivated land, unemployment, the collapse of health care, the collapse of care for the elderly, destruction of the whole nature, the collapse of waste removal, and the difficulty to find living space etc., are other terrible things. – In spite of the many efforts, the problems are not decreasing but, instead, continue to rise steadily in direct proportion to the increase of the entire population.

The human being of Earth has always tried to fight an old terrible thing with a new one; but, truthfully, this is a way leading into a final depravity. The scenario may be compared to a debt that grows immeasurably to the point where it can no longer even be paid, as is the case when an individual goes into debt and attempts to pay it off by going further into debt, only to furnish security for this debt by incurring an even greater debt. The same holds true when the human being of Earth fights old terrible things with new ones. Yet the human being of Earth frequently acts and thinks very often completely illogically, which is why he/she attempts — contrary to all rationality — to eliminate an old terrible thing by introducing a newly conceived and newly caused one. This is illogical in every respect.

When an energy source runs short, the human being of Earth simply plans and builds new, more powerful nuclear-, oil-, coal-, and hydro-power plants, regardless of the fact that through the utilisation of nuclear- as well as oil- and coal-power plants, the environment becomes enormously polluted, while nuclear radiation, which escapes from nuclear power plants, also endangers the whole of terrestrial life. Apart from this, all these new energy sources upon completion over a 3 to 7-year construction period, will have already become partially outdated, or do not have enough capacity to cover the energy demand. Truthly, during the time of building, the excessive birth rate and therewith the overpopulation have not remained stable, but have steadily increased. Many hundreds of millions of human beings are born worldwide during the construction phase of a power plant – and, of course, all these millions of newly added human beings once again will require additional energy. Therefore, it is clearly obvious that the incessant increase of the Earth’s population drives up the requirement for energy. Because of this, the Earth suffers from an ever increasing and an ever faster exploitation; as a result, ever more nuclear power plants have to be constructed and put into service, as well as other types of power plants, through which the environment and the whole of life experience an ongoing increasing endangerment and destruction. However, other sources of endangerment and destruction of the planet and all life are to blame, for example, the conscienceless use of chemicals, the American HAARP project in Alaska, nuclear testing and the commercial use of atomic bombs, through which lakes, courses of rivers and underground repositories are created to store rubble, liquid effluents, refuse and nuclear waste products. But to mention are also the clearing of rain forests and the intentional lighting of forest fires to feloniously gain building land, etc., and all those criminal kinds of sport which depend on combustion engines that burn gas, alcohol, petrol or diesel oil, and so forth.

It is a characteristic of the Earth’s human being – due to his/her irrational and purely materialistic thinking – to think wrongly and act wrongly in almost all things. He/she acts unlogically in many respects, such as also concerning the problem of hunger in the world. For this he/she initiates numerous humanitarian organisations in order to collect funds, food and other goods to help the hungry and starving ones, however, only in order to legally line their own pockets with 40% of the collected funds as coverage for the expenses and, on the other hand, to further heat up and let the overpopulation problem go overboard. Through this apparent human act – in truth however, an unhuman act of destruction – the suffering of the humankind of Earth is not alleviated and the problems of hunger are not being resolved, instead, the suffering and hunger are being cultivated even more immensely. The wrongly understood love for the next one and humaneness (humanity) namely, and the therefrom resulting help in the wrong place – especially conceived of by an absolutely wrong humanism, which, as a rule, originates from the influence of religions, sectarianism and other irrational teachings – correspond to anything but love, love for the next one and humanitarianism. Therethrough namely, even greater and more difficult problems arise than those already existing. Irresponsibly and without a single consideration in respect of the actual truth, and without true responsibility for duty as well as no respect for life and the fulfilment of the natural-creational laws and recommendations, many human beings inconsiderately give ‘aid', therethrough furthering the non-aid and the destruction of life even more. Thereby not only do pity and sectarian influences play a major role, but also the fact that many cling to such ‘relief actions’ in order to calm their own guilty consciences, because they are simply better off. However, they do not consider that it is to their and their fellow human beings' merit in the relevant civilised country, that they are better off – mainly by not letting their population figures grow, that is to say, by keeping them low; at least in a more rational form than those human beings of the so-called needy or underdeveloped countries, who consciencelessly-irresponsibly multiply like guinea pigs and rabbits, only to starve afterwards and shout for help, because they lack real help in the form of birth control.

Wherever possible, wrong humanitarians donate goods and funds to ‘Bread for Brothers’, ‘Hunger Throughout the World’ and so forth, however, without giving real aid, because precisely by doing so, they are poaching on the territory of rationality and nature, which ultimately defends itself against overpopulation with famines. Thereof however, they either have no idea or do not want to hear of such things. Starving ones are procreated even more by the hundreds and millions due to unnatural pity and out of wrong humanitarianism, although it could be prevented by a voluntarily or compulsorily issued birth control. Due to the excess of the great mass of humanity, it is inevitable that the human beings get into ever greater problems and hardship and misery, and slowly the faunal and floral as well as the planetary life will also be destroyed. Once the starving human beings have been saved from a death by starvation, they again become well-nourished, big and strong, and immediately they begin — due to the lack of birth control and being completely uninformed — to procreate descendants on a huge scale, the number of which amounts to many millions each year. Not only does this immediately create further problems of hunger and energy problems, but it also leads to medical, spatial and financial problems, to name but a few, and these descendants once again further the problem of the alarming increase of the terrestrial humankind. Once these offspring become older and sexually mature, they also promptly begin procreating their own descendants and, once again, new descendants are conceived in even greater numbers, and so on and so forth. Faster and ever faster, and in a damn short time the Earth becomes even more overpopulated. In 1978 we still counted 4 billion human beings on Earth, then, in 2000, there were already about 7 billion and at the end of 2018 there were already 8.9 billion. Because of this steady and incessant increase of the overpopulation, all other problems escalate in an immeasurable kind and wise and in an increasing number. These are problems that leave out nothing at all when it comes to the human life itself and also the life of the planet and of the fauna and flora. Just as the Ausartungen of the human being will unstoppably increase in the coming decades, so will the Ausartungen of the planet and nature. Already the looming ozone layer destruction alone — caused by the human being — will bring unimaginable suffering upon the entire Earth and all life, and also a rampantly spreading immune deficiency disease (AIDS). As a result of wars and revolutions, and so forth, veritable mass migrations will take place when the human beings begin to flee their homelands to seek asylum elsewhere. This, on the other hand, will lead to hatred of foreigners, hatred of asylum-seekers and other races, from which heavy hyper-aggressiveness and murders by all types of extremists of all kinds will result. Deadly rampant drug diseases as well as international political terrorism will get out of hand. Recession and inflation will reappear and millions of human beings will be without work and income. Criminality and organised felony will increase alarmingly on a massive scale and mass murders of single individuals will become the norm, as well as the mass massacres of human beings in religious-sectarian and political delusion. The environment will become increasingly destroyed, while the planet itself is exploited, plundered and maltreated. However, the planet and nature will avenge themselves for that through unusually immense storms, typhoons/European windstorms, cyclones, hurricanes, as well as through huge fires when forests and fields, etc., burn down and other immense firestorms blaze. Tremendously severe weather events/catastrophes will appear that have not rolled across the Earth since time immemorial. Tremendous droughts will befall the Earth and the human beings, and also gigantic floods, masses of snow and hail and much more. Ancient dormant volcanos will reawaken to new activity and negatively influence the whole world climate. Active volcanos will also rumble with increased activity, as also earthquakes will manifest themselves more frequently and become more violent, not least because of the irresponsible commercial use and testing of atomic bombs and other earth-convulsive masses of explosives by the human beings of Earth.

In 1978 there were about 4 billion human beings on Earth, but this number is today (at the end of 2019 = more than 9 billion) far beyond that which the Earth is fundamentally and naturally able to bear and sustain in a normal and healthy frame, without more food having to be produced by human machinations and impingements into nature, violations and the overexploitation of nature and without even a single human being having to go hungry. The truth is that Earth is a planet – moreover a wonderful one – which is able – with all the trimmings and without any problem – to carry and feed in abundance 529 million human beings. The human being, however, has brought forth a gigantic, excessive population, and has thus been forced to boost all food plants to extra-natural heights through the use of chemicals and the cultivation of new types of food plants. As though this were not enough, due to the growing overpopulation, also the Earth-exploitation of all further kinds has to be pushed immensely – including the exploitation of raw materials – in order to cover the unstoppably increasing need for all materials. No human being at all speaks about the fact that the destruction of the arable and usable land is also being driven forward through the insanity called overpopulation, as well as through chemistry and the expansion of housing areas and so forth, nor do they speak thereof that food for human consumption is not only impregnated with chemical additives, but even consists to a large extent only of artificial chemicals.

Originally, in each individual stretch of land of Earth lived only as many human beings as that region was able to feed in accordance with nature. Chemistry and other types of toxins, new varieties of plants, as well as the most intensive exploitation of the soil, were still completely unknown. However, this changed quickly when during the Middle Ages, particularly at the time of the great French Revolution, the crazy idea came up that there would have to be many more human beings if one wanted to rebel against the authorities in order to overthrow them, which is why the human beings spurred each other on to produce offspring, in order to become therethrough mighty and gigantic. Involved therein, however, was also Christianity and its sects, in which case Catholicism in particular is to be mentioned, which preached as powerfully as ever through its irrational and insane teaching, “go forth and multiply”. A catchphrase, which even today is assiduously preached by the catholic big wigs and their cassocked cohorts and henchmen and is still carried out into the world, so that in all countries all over the world – for the purpose of acquiring little ‘sheep’ and busy little mite donors – a guinea-pig-like multiplication of the human being occurs. The therefrom resulting overpopulation, of course, also needs more food, much more energy and many more raw materials accordingly, as well as many other things. In terms of food alone, it can finally only end in all natural plant products soon only having a rarity value, because the entire food requirement for the massive completely excessive humanity, can only be produced by purely chemical means. In fact, it is already partially like that today, because food requirements have risen incessantly during the past decades. However, not only the problem of the provision of food products has risen, but also the problem of the shortage of energy.

The human being of Earth is threatened by a complete world-pollution and world-destruction as well as life-destruction with manifold terrible things. Endless lists could be compiled about how everything will be threatened and destroyed, exterminated and eliminated, however the human being has not become smarter from all the damage and calamity brought about to nature, to the planet and life of all kinds. And now the human being of Earth, the planet and life altogether, have reached the point where everything is on its last leg – and to blame for everything are those who are attached to a wrong love for the next one and wrong humanity and therethrough do, handle and act equally feloniously as those who sit in responsible positions in administrations and governments and in aid agencies, and do everything conceivably possible to tear the rest of all life and the planet Earth to pieces – right up to the definitive and irrevocable destruction. To blame for all that are also all those who irresponsibly and initiativelessly push off onto the next one all beginnings of a change for the better, with the primitive and imbecilic phrases: “What can I do as a single individual?”, or, “Of course, if others join in, I will join in as well”, etc., etc. But whoever thinks in this wise is just as unworthy and incapable of life as are those who, through wrong humanitarianism and wrong love for the next one and so forth, are still advancing all the insanity of further-overpopulating and increase immeasurably all the remaining even worse and coming problems of the terrestrial humanity. Anyone who thinks like this, or is of the opinion that the world is fine as it is, does not want any progress but wants the world and all life to be destroyed and eliminated.

All blatant terrible things of the terrestrial humankind find their origin and their existence in the fact of overpopulation and its unstoppable further irresponsible augmentation. Therefore, the terrible thing can only be fought and removed by perceiving, comprehending and logically following it right at the root, pulling it out and eliminating it: The terrestrial humankind must be drastically reduced. The only humane basis of a reduction of human beings, however, can only happen through a regulation of births, which allows the married couple only to have a strictly determined number of offspring after a certain age; this against all excuses, contradictions, anxieties and rubbish-comments of those feeble-minded ones, who – for military, religious, social, egoistical, wrong humanitarian and wrong love-for-the-next-one reasons – claim that descendants in great numbers would be necessary and that a birth control would be contrary to religions and inhumane, etc. Only egoists, sectarians and other life-incapable ones, who have not a haze of a shimmer of an idea of the natural laws and recommendations, let alone of the truthly logic, are able to bring up such an imbecility.

All existing major problems of the terrestrial humankind can only be solved through a purposeful birth control, wherethrough the humankind is reduced to a normal amount, adapted to the planet. All other problem-solving measures solely and exclusively represent wretchedly-miserable and useless attempts that barely amount to the proverbial ‘drop in the bucket’; on the contrary, they only serve to increase all terrible things and problems even further.

And this purposeful birth control is supposed to be barbaric, inhumane and without love for the next one? On the contrary; if you for once ponder logically over this fact (if you have not done so already and have come to the same truth), then you also find the truth in a logical form, which corresponds to the aforementioned. Only unlogically thinking human beings, who are attached to a wrong love for the next one and wrong humanitarianism, can deny the truth, because through sectarian machinations and irrational teachings they are forced in paths that make them doggishly-crawling and which rob them of every healthy, rational, normal and truthly thinking, feeling and acting, wherethrough only pity, self-pity, imbecility and unlogic arise, instead of feelings for all life-forms. Therethrough every deference and esteem for and to the true life is being destroyed, wherethrough wrong humanitarianism and wrong love for the next one can arise like purulent ulcers that spread like the plague.

Since time immemorial, the truth, regarding the clarification of mistakes/errors and guilt/blame, has always been damn hard, and only seldom does a human being accept the hard truth without grumbling and growling. The human being of Earth always feels attacked in his/her personality when the truth is told and explained to him/her. He/she simply ignores all and everything and believes himself/herself to be flawless and innocent, because he/she cannot tolerate the truth and rebels against it, because this truth does not correspond to his/her own wrong opinion. Truthly, this acting and doing of the human being is nothing more than stinky cowardice that causes a spewing nausea in everyone who is able to think in a halfway normal wise.

Since time immemorial, the truth has always sounded hard and therefore true love, love for the next one and humanitarianism sounds equally hard, because all of these values demand logical thinking and acting from the human being. The same also holds true for the problem-solving of the terrestrial humankind, which means that only and exclusively a population reduction, through stringent birth controls, can resolve all existing major terrible things and that inhumane aid must not be given.

The laws of nature apply to human beings of Earth as well, which each seeing person may easily recognise: Wherever there is a region in which the population of a particular animal species suddenly increases and runs the risk that the region concerned can no longer feed the increasing population, rampantly spreading diseases occur that decimate the increasing and excessive population of animals. Furthermore, it appears in such cases that the overly large population simply dies of famine or falls prey to their natural enemies because they are weak from hunger. This is how nature preserves its natural population, wherethrough in one stretch of land, always only just as many faunal life forms live as this region can sustain. Only the human being as a thinking Wesen/individual acts contrary to this natural law and tramples upon it. Contrary to faunal life forms, he/she procreates descendants in an excessive measure and, for some time now, fertile regions capable of providing food have become so overpopulated by human beings, that the human beings no longer can cultivate and find sufficient food. On the other hand, human beings have flocked together in herds of millions in towns/cities – which were built on land that once was fertile and arable – who now purchase food from everywhere (without themselves lifting one finger for the planting, preservation and harvest) where there are still vacant/available tracts of land for gardening and agriculture.

The human being assumes himself/herself to be the crown of Creation and therefore arrogates the right of insanity to himself/herself to believe, that – due to his/her thinking capability – he/she is placed above everything and is entitled to have a planetary human overpopulation and is allowed to disregard and to trample under foot all natural laws and recommendations. In this megalomaniacal thinking he/she is already unhuman, without love for the next one and imbecilic in such a wise that everything has got out of control of the good human nature into a boundless cowardice. The real and rational thinking as well as true love, love for the next one, humaneness and love for the truth have become completely insensitive and unconcerned, wherethrough it can no longer be recognised that, for example, due to the overpopulation, all major problems of the terrestrial humanity are brought forth, which can only be resolved through a reduction in the form of a rigorous stop in births and a birth control. However, instead of recognising and accepting this truth, aid agencies are feloniously initiated and supported, which – because they do not work in harmony with the laws of nature – wreak more terrible things than they create benefit, because they do not instruct and clarify and do not bring about any birth controls, consequently tens of millions of descendants are still procreated and all major problems rise to immeasurable proportions. More affluent human beings support these machinations with multi-million-dollar amounts, however, only in order to ease their guilty conscience that results from their wrong humanitarianism and wrong love for the next one. These helpers cowardly lie to their own conscience, because they are incapable of recognising the truthly truth and of acting according to this truth alone. So they help in the wrong place and with the wrong things and burden themselves with the guilt of being directly responsible and co-operating in regard to the development of the still further coming and incessantly increasing worldwide misery, of the terrible things and of the great many catastrophes and hardships.

The fallible ones who offer simulated help, the wrong humanists and overpopulation-breeders, are furthermore also to blame for various other terrible things, and indeed even for terrible felonies that happen on Earth. This also includes torture and the death penalty, both of which are still practiced today in many countries worldwide, and the advocates and proponents of which are often those elements who represent and fight for the religions and other sectarianism as well as famine relief without birth control measures, which offers a hand to a paradox beyond compare, because, on the one hand, they fight for survival, in order to, on the other hand, destroy a life-form by murdering and torturing those who are guilty of a felony or a criminal or political-revolutionary act or opinion. How does that make any sense? No one wants to know anything about the fact that through the simulated help, again, hundreds of millions of human beings will be newly procreated and, in turn, from that, new criminals, Gewalt-felons, drug addicts and extremists of all kinds and so forth, come into being.

It is because of those who simulate help, the illogical ones, the Creation despiser, the wrong humanists and the overpopulation-breeders of every other kind, that the ground is impregnated with the seeds of all kinds of possible terrible things, from which then the destruction germinates and ripens, which stresses the whole globe and bears many names, although the fundamental terrible thing of all global terrible things and destructions is called overpopulation. Therefrom also results the delusion for the hatred of foreigners and strangers, hatred of races, hatred of auslanders, hatred of asylum seekers and hatred of the next ones, as well as any sectarianism of religious, worldly, esoteric, ufological, philosophical, free-church or special-group form, from which also the sectarianism of the main religions is not excluded. Therefrom also result felonies and wars, as also rampantly spreading diseases and drug addiction, drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking/tobacco addiction, sniffing addiction, sadism, masochism and many other scourges the human beings have fallen prey to and which are becoming ever more blatant and more numerous through the incessant growth of the total Earth-population. A fact which has long been proven and which cannot be denied nor can it be concealed. Only those overpopulation-breeders of any kind, who act feloniously against humanity, neither want to see nor recognise this fact and truth and they do not want to accept it. But why is that? Why do these overpopulation-breeders not want to see, hear, perceive, recognise, comprehend and logically follow the truth and fact of the global terrible things and destruction in any kind and wise? The answer to that is not easy, because the reasons differ amongst all those who fall prey to alcoholism, drug addiction, drug abuse, smoking/tobacco addiction, sniffing addiction, sadism or masochism, any religious, free-church, special-group, philosophic, esoteric, parapsychological, spiritistic or main religions-based sectarianism or war, murder, felony as well as hatred of foreigners and strangers, hatred of races, hatred of asylum seekers, hatred of auslanders or hatred of the next ones and so forth. Therefore it is irrational to assume that there is only one reason for all the mentioned Ausartungen, because the reasons for them are truthly splintered a thousand times over, however, these thousand-fold reasons have an effect and are decisive for extremist as well as sectarian directions of thought and for addictions, that is to say, pathological cravings of all kinds and so on and so forth. Reasons may be the following:

  1. life-uncapability
  2. vice
  3. self-control-lessness
  4. impairment of the psyche
  5. sectarian propaganda
  6. propaganda by special groups
  7. political propaganda
  8. contact poverty
  9. euphoria
  10. unemployment
  11. anxiousness (phobias)
  12. illness
  13. existential problems
  14. contact problems
  15. problems with one’s next ones
  16. communication problems
  17. frustration
  18. poverty of feelings
  19. schizophrenia
  20. deluded belief
  21. delusional guidance
  22. coercion
  23. terrorism
  24. despotism
  25. wrong education
  26. misconception of truth
  27. self-irresponsibility
  28. search for something higher
  29. search for the sense of life
  30. search for the truth
  31. social grievances/deficits (bad social states)
  32. hatred of any kind
  33. greed
  34. recklessness/impudence/carelessness
  35. pathological craving for revenge
  36. bloodthirstiness
  37. lust for murder
  38. family problems
  39. coldness of feelings
  40. exuberance of feeling
  41. lovesickness
  42. lying
  43. deception
  44. megalomania
  45. boastfulness
  46. pride/proudness
  47. adulation
  48. governmental confusions
  49. political confusion
  50. war or revolution
  51. confusions of any kind
  52. strife
  53. discord
  54. grief
  55. harming
  56. unknowledge
  57. imperiousness
  58. general mismanagement
  59. restrictions of any kind
  60. personality crises
  61. fickleness
  62. weak-mindedness
  63. initiativelessness/without initiative
  64. convictionlessness/without opinion
  65. thoughtlessness
  66. breach of trust
  67. adultery
  68. breach of friendship
  69. breach of promises
  70. doubtful promises
  71. self-torment
  72. depression
  73. sorrow
  74. ebullience of adventures
  75. loneliness
  76. urge for the unusual
  77. urge for Ausartung
  78. urge for recognition
  79. prejudices
  80. a know-it-all attitude
  81. false/wrong criticism
  82. weakening/growing soft
  83. unfairness
  84. wrong humanitarianism
  85. imbecility
  86. torment of any kind
  87. torture
  88. maltreatment
  89. physical and psychical Gewalt
  90. exploitation
  91. reasons of state
  92. incapability
  93. unconcernedness
  94. allowing oneself to be persuaded
  95. hanger-on-ism
  96. incapability of evaluation/assessment
  97. envy and resentment
  98. stinginess
  99. unrestrainedness
  100. immoderateness
  101. egoism
  102. jealousy
  103. behavioural disorder
  104. work shyness
  105. lust for war/belligerence
  106. greed for might

These are but 106 of the many thousands of explanations, reasons, causes, starting points and decisive factors/things leading to sectarianism of all kinds and shades, as well as to drug addiction, tobacco/smoking addiction, alcoholism and sniffing, as well as to the delusion for the hatred of foreigners and strangers, hatred of races, hatred of auslanders, hatred of asylum seekers and hatred of the next ones and so on and so forth, as these terrible things reach the point of Ausartung especially through the Ku-Klux-Klan, antisemitism and neo-Nazism and so forth, whereas from all these terrible things – in widely ramified form – again uncountable further terrible things and destructions result, which very often end in complete pauperisation/progressive deterioration or in suicide as well as in murder, torture, the death penalty (which also is murder), criminality, mass murder and genocide. The future will prove that all these and many (other) terrible things will alarmingly increase further and will get very badly out of control of the good human nature – both, the sectarianism of all kinds as well as vices and pathological cravings, such as drug addiction, drug dependency, alcoholism and sniffing and so on and so forth. But also the criminality of the heaviest form and the felony of all kinds will increase alarmingly and will claim many human lives, as will the hatred of foreigners and strangers, fraternal hatred, hatred of asylum seekers, hatred of races and hatred of the next ones. Tortures take on the same evil and far-reaching deadly forms as do death penalties, physical and psychical Gewalt, single murders, mass murders, religious and sectarian murders as well as genocides. Also many other malicious terrible things, which are of religious-sectarian as well as political and special group form and character, will increase to a horrendous extent and will dominate the world and the human being and put them in fear and horror. However, the human beings of Earth alone are to blame for all that, and indeed all those who have to be branded/accused as overpopulation-breeders – no matter in what form they make themselves guilty. All those guilty ones are the ones who quite consciously threaten to endanger and destroy all life on Earth. Due to all these irresponsible Earth-humans themselves, all life-destructive terrible things are consciously terribly bred – through the continuous production of new human descendants and thus through the growing overpopulation. And all this merely because many human beings of Earth are irrational and have no sense of responsibility inherent in themselves, neither for themselves nor for their own descendants, nor for their next ones and also not for the rest of humanity. Therefore they also have no sense of responsibility at all for planet Earth itself and also not for all the life of fauna and flora in this world. And all this merely because the irresponsible ones are imperious ones and megalomaniacs, who see themselves as Creation itself and believe that their imbecility is in line with a real and rational thinking, while they truthly are not even capable of letting one single hair grow on their head according to their own will and command. Truly, one cannot and may not refer to this kind of human being as rationality-bearing, because how could they otherwise do and arrange everything in a way that the religious and worldly sectarianism and the deluded belief of all kinds as well as the extremism-delusion with all its Ausartungen are still tolerated and even promoted and defended, and life on Earth and even the planet itself are devastated and destroyed. These irresponsible ones, these wrong humanists, sect-believers, delusional hangers-on, breeders of overpopulation, calamity and terribleness as well as destroyers of life and planet, are the ones who do everything to drastically increase all terrible things on Earth, which go overboard evermore and threaten and destroy all life in its existence, encouraged by their wrong humanistic sectarian belief, wherethrough the human being of Earth multiplies faster, worse and more unrestrainedly than guinea pigs and rabbits.

For the disastrous things (arduousness, illness, disease, everything evil and death) of the overpopulation and the slow and sure and continuously faster advancing destructions of all life on Earth and the planet itself, truthly, also mismanagement and corruption as well as organisations and advocates of foreign aid have to take the blame, even if those responsible refuse to accept this. Precisely due to the foreign aid of the industrial countries of the so-called civilised and economically well-situated world, destructions have been caused in the Third World countries, which led from the deforestation of the rainforests up to the complete devastation and barrenness of once extremely fertile stretches of land. Where once stood oxygen-giving and climate-regulating rainforests, today there are barren and devastated, corroded, eroded and dead soils, on which hardly a blade of grass is growing; and where blooming fields and farmland were or where enough life-sustaining harvests with various kinds of crops and vegetables and so forth could still be wrested from the barren ground, today there are salt deserts, deserted and dead landscapes or infertile wetlands, which often enough are breeding grounds for deadly pathogens. And all this owing to the blame of the foreign aid of those who irresponsibly make horrendous profits and pumped (and continue to pump) immense financial means from the economic and civilised countries into the Third World countries in order to practise mismanagement and corruption or to have it practised, and to build weirs and model plants and developmental enterprises formed according to an economic model, to clear-fell rainforests, as well as to destroy land and life, wherethrough massive climate changes are called forth that influence the whole Earth and all life negatively and call forth enormous storms, hurricanes and typhoons as well as floods, rockfalls, earthquakes, droughts and many other catastrophes. But also with regard to the human being himself/herself, various catastrophes were evoked and brought forth by means of foreign aid. For example, 'poor' farmers from Third World countries were 'developed' by means of the foreign aid, either by expelling them from their lands or by preventing them from continuing to cultivate their barren land in order to obtain meagre crops/harvests, from which they have been able to feed themselves and eke out a living for centuries. Due to being expelled or prevented from cultivating their land, the ones working on the land and the farmers and so forth, lost their basis of existence/livelihood, as this also happened through the overdevelopment and destruction and desertification of their barren, but somehow still fertile land, by means of the foreign aid.

The human beings, who had worked the meagre but somewhat fertile soil for centuries and millennia and had somehow always obtained sufficient food, frequently lost not only their land through mismanagement, corruption and the foreign aid itself, but in addition, they lost their familiar work with which they had lived peacefully for centuries. With the loss of their land and work, their initiative disappeared as well, because due to the fact that the dispossessed, expellees and unemployed were supplied with food of all kinds by the foreign aid, they also lost their initiative to fulfil their own responsibilities and to make an effort to sustain their own lives. Consequently, they simply began dozing and leading a sedate life and waiting for roasted pigeons – in the form of food supplies from foreign aid – to fly into their open mouths or, at the very least, to be brought to them free of charge. And since the traditional activity of the food production process was lacking by means of the hard work of cultivating the barren soil, these human beings no longer knew how to behave or what to do. Thus, in their boredom, the human beings preoccupied each other, particularly in a sexual form, whereby male and female got together and began to procreate offspring en masse. If firstly the French Revolution was to be blamed for the population increase, due to which, as a result of a delusion, many children had to be conceived in order to be able to stand up mightfully to the authorities and to put them in their place, then additionally the old delusional idea came up that many descendants had to be begotten so that the elderly would be sustained by them in their old age. Therefore, due to foreign aid and so forth, henceforth also the boredom of the suddenly unemployed and expelled ones, disowned ones and the ones without initiative and so forth, led to an explosive increase of offspring and therewith to a rapidly growing overpopulation. Therefore, foreign aid is also to blame for the terrestrial overpopulation and for the destruction and threat against all life on Earth and the planet itself.

Within the same frame of the destruction of the planet and all life on Earth, by means of the breeding of endlessly many offspring of the Earth’s human being from which the overpopulation results, also the major religions and sects are to blame, which, come hell or high water, invade proselytisingly and like predators – which are badly out of the control of the good human nature – the Third World countries and spread the insanity of their religious and sectarian belief, along with all its inhumane, degrading consequences and Ausartungen that are based upon enslavement, mismanagement and corruption as well as exploitation and negative influencing of the consciousness, consciousness-based deprivation of freedom, delusional belief, religious war and religious murder as well as the stupefaction of the human beings and so forth, and in the fundamental terribleness of all overpopulation stupidity, namely in the insanity of the sectarian phrase, “Go forth and multiply”.

The truth is such: The Earth is tremendously overpopulated and is running towards its own destruction and the destruction of the entirety of life – and this as a consequence of overpopulation. And solely and exclusively the human being himself/herself is to blame for this overpopulation, because also in this regard, he/she knows no boundaries whatsoever, just as he/she does not in all his/her other Ausartungen. In contrast to the human being, the animal world behaves purely based on instinct, more reasonably and in accordance with nature’s laws, because animals – by adjusting their urges and instincts – regulate their own population and adapt to available food supplies and living conditions. However, if nevertheless an overpopulation arises for some reason, then a natural mass extinction occurs in order to segregate and cull the surplus of animals. The human being as a rational Wesen/individual could follow this example, but in his/her megalomania, he/she does not care about it at all. He/she believes himself/herself to be the crown of Creation and as such, he/she feels entitled to be able to transgress against all natural laws. Consequently he/she continues to terribly breed the overpopulation further, which results in humanity multiplying unstoppably, wherethrough hardship, terrible things and misery, criminality, illnesses, rampantly spreading diseases, addictions and any other inequities and Ausartungen increase further, become immeasurable and unstoppable and finally end in roaring chaos and the total destruction of all regulation and all life.

The more foreign aid, famine relief and other aid that is provided everywhere by wrong-humanitarians and other ones flipped out by pity, without including any birth control measures, the more horrendous the hardship, terrible things, misery and all other catastrophic conditions and Ausartungen become, through which life and the planet are ruined and destroyed. Without significant and real humane and purposive help, neither can underdeveloped countries nor peoples be made cultivated, civilised and economically equalised and progressive within a few short years or decades, nor can the human beings of these peoples and countries – without international direction – simply be ‘revamped’ and made to master the thinking and behaviour of the world and human beings who call a healthy economy and politics as well as an extensive education and general education as well as a healthy social system and a healthy government, legislation and guideline for overall development their own, all of which they had to work for over the course of centuries.

Naturally, aid in every form is quite appropriate, but only where it is responsible to apply and to do so. Such aid may well be given/applied in underdeveloped Third World countries and so forth, but never in a form where it occurs through famine aid and foreign aid and so forth, without giving instructions regarding birth control. The aid for these countries and for these human beings ought to consist therein, to educate them in regard to progressive work and progressive work methods and in better and more prolific cultivation of their land without interfering with the natural ecological system in a destructive form, and therefore the aid should consist in providing the human beings with a good school and general education, wherethrough also a progressive and social form of thinking arises and an awareness that each human being himself/herself is responsible for his/her own doing and acting and for his/her work as well as his/her own life. Thus, aid must also consist in educating the human beings about the catastrophic consequences that arise from overpopulation; consequently the aid must also consist in providing education regarding necessary birth control measures, contraception and a rigorous stop in births.

Aid is appropriate in every reasonable form, where the human beings do not terribly breed an overpopulation and do not ‘kid’ like guinea pigs and rabbits; where the human beings are hard-working and are free of debts and have not fallen into misery due to any fault of their own and also create for themselves a certain education and general education and so forth, according to which they have learnt to think and act progressively and responsibly, from which, in turn, results that they limit their descendants and are not to be blamed for the growing overpopulation.

May the human being of Earth let the purely natural laws and recommendations prevail in all things, quite especially, however, in regard to the overpopulation, which can only be reduced by a radical and rigorous, worldwide stop in births in a certain form. Only in this form does the human being act rightly, wherethrough misery, hardship and terrible things of every kind are finally stemmed and got under control and can ultimately be erased from our beautiful, blue planet Earth.

Overpopulation also brings ethnic problems with it and literally evokes them, from which mass migrations as well as war, murder and manslaughter result. Due to the continuous growing of the Earth’s population, the human beings are more and more densely crowded together and the space for the individual human being becomes ever smaller and scarcer. Through that it is inevitable that human beings of different peoples, tribes, religions, views, opinions, philosophies and directions of thinking and so forth, increasingly crowd together and cramp each other, which automatically and quite perforce leads to friction, differences and strife, from which, in turn, quite perforce and automatically, war, murder and manslaughter as well as mass migrations arise, whereas the mass migration alone leads to new malicious and worldwide problems that are out of the control of the good human nature. Namely the refugees do not simply leave their familiar homesteads in order to search for land and a new homestead elsewhere, rather they flee to foreign countries and often to countries that are – financially and economically and so forth – better off than is the case with their own homelands. And truly these refugees hurriedly pile off in the thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands and millions out of their homelands and flood the foreign and more prosperous nations, which therethrough become infiltrated with foreigners and are befallen with sheer unsolvable problems, which cost the host nations of the refugees billions, which have to be assumed and compensated for through horrendous taxes by the hardworking citizens of the ‘host nation’ concerned.

The refugees from those nations, where ethnic problems, war, murder and manslaughter as well as persecution of all kinds and so forth prevail, invade the better off countries more and more and establish themselves in them – very often with lies and through criminal machinations. The foreigners increasingly infiltrate the better off nations of the world, which they are very often only able to enter illegally. And the foreign infiltration, which arises from all these refugees, brings new problems with it which are of social, economic, political as well as religious and ethnic nature. Slowly but surely, the social welfare system begins to collapse, the costs of living and the rental of houses climb higher and higher, the housing shortage increases further and further and the refugees mingle with the local inhabitants and slowly but surely wipe out the country’s very own lineage of native human beings by establishing mixed marriages, from which in turn crossbred descendants originate, and indeed in numbers and masses which is no longer responsible.

If mixed marriages occur due to human beings meeting in various countries while travelling or working and so forth, whereupon these then form a mixed marriage, then that is normal and understandable and thus such occasional mixed marriages neither harm the lineage of the human beings nor the human beings themselves. However, if through the foreign infiltration of the country, mixed marriages are formed in masses and mixed descendants are procreated, then within a short time a new population of mixed races springs forth, through which the original native human beings will be displaced and eradicated.

The type of refugees fleeing into foreign nations shows no homogeneity, because they stem from all social levels and frequently their real reasons for migrating are very diverse and range from economic flight and a flight from personal problems, broken hearts, drug problems, religious and military reasons, right up to a flight for political and family reasons, for adventure and to avoid work. And all these refugees of various genera flee their native lands to seek shelter in more prosperous countries, wherethrough these countries begin to suffer from the infiltration of foreigners with all its malicious consequences that endanger both, the government and the populace. The majority of all refugees thereby appear as asylum seekers, which cost the host nations and its hard-working tax payers billions in monetary terms. This, in turn, of course, is not welcome by different groups of the local human beings, wherefore hatred against the asylum-seekers and hatred of foreigners as well as hatred of other races and so forth, flare up and are fuelled, which leads to deadly escalations, calls forth material damage and evokes unimaginable disaster, calamity and terribleness.

There is another factor with the refugee problem that must not go unmentioned, namely that, as a rule, only human beings flee from their homeland who are better off financially, who have some assets of their own, such as a house or some land, which they can turn into hard cash in order to finance their escape. And these refugees are not what you would call particularly modest, because more often than not they make brazen financial demands on the refugees’ host nations in regard to money, housing, vehicles, living expenses, clothing and social aid of all kinds and so forth. However, those in the homelands of the refugees, who have to flee and leave their homeland for reasons of personal safety, cannot afford a flight or only in the rarest of cases, because they simply and plainly lack the necessary financial means for that, which is very often why they are arrested, tortured and murdered. Ergo, as a rule, only those human beings feature as refugees who have some funds/capital in some form. In particular with those, however, it is very often the case that they only flee to a country that is economically and socially better off, in order to lead a more comfortable life than was possible for them in their homelands, because it would have cost them too much strain and effort. As purely economic refugees and so forth, they disguise themselves in the host countries with lies and cheatings, claiming that they had to flee their homeland for reasons of religious, military or political persecution and so forth. Thus claims, lies, cheatings and swindlings, which in those cases do not correspond to the truth. It also happens quite often that refugees appear, who are more than just simple criminals but downright serious felons and who commit profitable and serious felonies in the refugee host countries. Also, more frequently refugees of that kind appear who reach refugee host nations in order to – unofficially or even officially with governmental permission – operate as collectors of horrendous sums of money with which then wars, fratricide or revolutions in their homelands are supported or with which weapons and other war materials are purchased.

Only very few of the refugees can truly be categorised as refugees. Truthfully there are very few out of the many thousands, who have to flee their homelands for the sake of the safety of their lives and who legitimately can be regarded as refugees and can be recognised as such, even though contrary to that, those responsible for the refugee-system in the refugee host countries bestow the status of a real refugee to thousands and many thousands of such pseudo-refugees, and the entire nation then has to bear the costs for it. These responsible ones do not recognise or, out of wrong humanitarian reasons, do not want to recognise, that these types of refugees are just economic refugees and so forth, who despicably and disdainfully abandon their own home countries. Especially when confusion and misery afflict a country and this country is dependent on the help and cooperation of each individual citizen, then those whose help is most urgently needed for the survival of country, state and life, flee their homeland. Cowardly they flee from their own homeland instead of cooperating to bring their homeland to an appropriate regulation, wherethrough a prosperous country and a prosperous nation could be created and built up. However, through cowardly flight this can never be achieved, regardless of whether it concerns a country that is normal to some degree or a nation that is subject to an evil dictatorship and lies in the deepest chaos. Each and every country needs its citizens, because only through them alone, together with suitable leaders, can a civilised, social and truly liveable structure with a reasonable economy and policy as well as a good standard of living be worked out and achieved. However, if the citizens cowardly flee their homeland instead of being there for it, supporting it and, if necessary, fighting for it, then the chaos and misery, the hardship and all terrible things will inevitably become only greater and more inescapable.

Last but not least, there are those refugees who truly are victims of religious and political confusions and wars as well as of revolutions and unjustified persecutions. It goes without saying that – for purely humanitarian reasons – such human beings must be granted help by means of support and asylum, but solely and exclusively under the condition that the refugees return again to their respective homelands and do not remain in the host countries after the conditions in their own countries have normalised and improved to the extent that a return can happen without danger to life or limb, and a state of a somewhat normal economic and life-supporting form has been re-established. The entire facts of the refugee problem clearly indicate that the flow of refugees and their entry must be rigorously stopped if the problems of foreign infiltration, refugees and asylum-seeking, as well as the hatred of strangers, hatred toward other races and the hatred toward asylum-seekers, are not to increase alarmingly to such an extent that therefrom catastrophes ultimately arise which no one can control any longer.

Is it brutal and inhumane when the laws and recommendations of nature are followed? No, it is brutal, inhumane and without love for the next one if the human being – by all available means – continues to keep up the overpopulation and even promotes it, so that further tens of millions of offspring can be procreated, when – due to sectarianism and feeble-minded weakness of feeling – no hard birth control measures are implemented. Therethrough all misery and all problems become even greater and more difficult to fight against, wherethrough ultimately no solution or rescue will be possible.

Required Measures in a World-wide Form:

This is just one possibility among many!

(These measures apply to everyone on Earth except for some small, native bush tribes, who, since time immemorial, have been practicing their own stringent birth control measures.)

Permissible age for marriage:

Female: 25 years

Male:    30 years

Minimum age to produce offspring:

Female: 28 years

Male:    32 years

Conditions for procreating:

  1. An existing marriage of at least 3 years.
  2. Proof of a harmonious and healthy marriage.
  3. Proof of a legitimate and honest lifestyle of the marriage partners.
  4. Proof of the ability to raise/educate children.
  5. Proof of health—no hereditary and infectious diseases, no addiction to illegal or prescription drugs or to alcohol and so forth.
  6. No membership to extremist or subversive groups.

Maximum Number of Children:

3 children per marriage

Births-stop intervals:

7 years: complete births-stop world-wide

1 year: procreation permission (according to permit)

7 years: complete births-stop world-wide

1 year: procreation permission (according to permit); to be carried out until such time that the reduction of the terrestrial humanity reaches the normal level.

Subsequently: Permits for marriage and for the creation of offspring remain effective, while however, the seven-year cycle of the stop in births is cancelled/dropped.

To remain effective:

3 children per marriage (or 3 foster children or adopted children).

Penalties for non-compliance:

  1. A fine equivalent to 10 annual salaries of both fallible ones.
  2. Sterilisation of both fallible ones.
  3. Castration of the fallible ones in cases of rape and physical and psychical Gewalt and so forth, as well as their life-long exclusion from society, separated by gender.
  4. Governmental removal and education of all children of the fallible ones = foster or adoptive parents.

Please consider the explanations of the aforementioned measures published in our overpopulation brochure No.3!

Brutal and inhumane:

What would be more brutal, inhumane and hostile to the next one as well as hostile to life?

1) A world overpopulated by human beings, in which hunger, misery and hardship and gruesome deaths reign, in which wars, murder and manslaughter, torture and death penalty, physical and psychical Gewalt, criminality, hatred, rampantly spreading diseases and destruction, vice and addiction, hostility toward all life, extremism, lies, deceit and Ausartung and so forth, are daily occurrences, wherethrough millions of human beings perish miserably every year whilst suffering horrendous pain, or tens of thousands miserably die from torturous pains at the hands of their tormentors and executioners, and from hunger and misery


2) A world populated normally by human beings, in which all terrible things, problems and misery have become small and normal and in which no hunger and no misery rule and the fear of war and all evil is reduced, such that the possibility of a world-unifying peace actually exists, which lets the constant fear of the future disappear and makes possible a life in love, logic and rationality and so forth?!

Truly, the truth cannot be said with wrong-humanistic diplomatic words expressed only once, rather solely and exclusively with words that are often repeated, appropriate, hard and undiplomatic, which do not veil the truth but reveal it, which relentlessly reveal the real facts, because only therethrough do the human beings feel spoken to or attacked, whereupon they then react correspondingly and begin to study the facts of the effective truth carefully.

It should be clear to everybody that then, through this reaction, the real attitude of the human being concerned and thus therefore his/her rationality or his/her irrationality is expressed and becomes obvious. As a rule, understanding ones and non-imperious ones allow themselves to be better informed and instructed – while ununderstanding ones imperiously always question and doubt everything, have no real knowledge about a particular situation, think wrongly and unjustifiably, want to teach the more discerning ones and insult them as heretics and agitators and as polemicists just because in their rationality they are not big enough to recognise and to understand the real truth or because they bear a title and are erroneously of the belief that they are more knowledgeable, better trained and better than others who do not bear a title. But how profoundly do those title bearers delude themselves, because the rule proves that their light cannot even illuminate the inside of a bushel from under a bushel.

Just think about what kind of world you would like to live in and if genuine, true humanity, love, love for the next one and the truth does not yet surpass everything in terms of wrong humanity, wrong love for the next one and all lies – and at the same time also ask yourself in which kind of world your descendants and in turn their descendants would like to live.