The Purpose of Life is Evolution

By Vivienne Legg, January 2012

When I think about what distinguishes the renewed teaching of the truth from the teachings of the religions on this planet I find myself focussing on our innate obligation to evolve. The true teaching of the prophets tells us how to go about this process of evolution. Religious teaching thwarts it, leaving our consciousnesses stunted.

Central to the renewed teaching is the advice that our thoughts alone determine whether we stagnate or evolve as human beings. The belief in a god or divinity, onto whom we thrust the responsibility for our fate, thwarts our understanding that we determine the course of our own lives, and it also thwarts our ability to consciously do this. Our self-determination - that is to say, the ability to choose the way we think, and thus learn from our positive and negative thoughts, words, deeds, and so on - is essential for the process of evolution.

Religious teaching ignores and tramples the law of evolution and the law of striving. According to the law of striving, every single thing which exists, including Creation itself, exists in striving (striving for that which is higher, for perfection, for completion, for evolution). Striving is the creational law from which all laws of evolution and perfection came. Striving is the fundamental guiding factor. The power of striving is the greatest power within a Wesen (an independently existing, evolving life-form with its own individuality). Creation itself strives. If it did not, then it would disappear without trace, and there would be no BEING (ie. existing in the creative existence, the spiritual existence).

So, just as the human being strives to evolve, Creation itself strives to evolve. Although Creation is the most perfect thing that the human being knows, or thinks he knows, it also has to continue to perfect and develop itself. And so - Billy explains - it incessantly creates new agglomerations of new spirit, which constitute the human spirit, which is the enlivening force of the human being. (“So schafft die Schöpfung unaufhaltsam immer neue Neugeistballungen, die in Form eines menschlichen Geistes den Menschen begeisten.“)

The spirit of the human being has a task to fulfil. Over the course of innumerable reincarnations it must develop itself and ultimately achieve perfection. Once this is done, the spirit returns to Creation and becomes one with it, “whereby Creation further perfects itself and becomes ever more immense”.

Goblet of Truth tells us that the human being is fundamentally a conscious, self-thinking Wesen which has come forth from an idea of Creation. (28. 93.) Creation perfects itself by creating love, knowledge and wisdom within itself. It does this by taking up everything that the spirit form of the human being has learned over many reincarnations, through the human being’s love, knowledge and wisdom, which the human being achieves by means of his consciousness. (25. 227.)

28.95. “..der Kern der menschlichen Individualität resp. der Kern des menschlichen Wesens ist schöpferischer Natur, die strebend danach drängt, dass eine Wesensevolution durch eine Bewusstseinsevolution erfolgt..“

“…the core of the human being is creational by nature and laboriously follows an impulse for the success of the evolution of the Wesen by means of the evolution of the consciousness. …”

So, the human being’s spirit conveys its power of striving to the material consciousness which independently works and develops itself by means of the world of thoughts. And so we must clean our thoughts and feelings because they are the most significant factor of our evolution.

Not only is purity of thinking required for evolution, but a purpose is also required. Billy explains, in Might of Thoughts…, that, when there is no purpose, we readily succumb to petty anxieties and problems, to wretchedness, grief, sorrow, worries and self-pity, and so forth. These things are the booty of our own weaknesses. Billy writes, “…weakness can never endure, because, in a universe which mightfully demands evolution, everything weak must inevitably go under”. For a purpose to be successfully fulfilled it must be made the central point of the human being’s thinking. Striving is the power we must use to make it the central point in our thinking.

To fulfil our evolutive obligation we must create true humanity in ourselves in order to be true human beings. To do that, the creational laws and recommendations must be learned and followed, which means that the creationally-given obligations of the laws and recommendations must be fulfilled to the greatest extent, so that true love as well as inner harmony, freedom and peace is created in a balanced form and is conveyed outwardly, and all factors of evil, unfairness, irresponsibility and that which is unrighteous are fundamentally avoided.

So, what are some of the laws and recommendations? Where can we start?

We can start by realising that we are masters of our thoughts. Billy explains in Might of Thoughts… that, according to creational law, might and power exist as an adjunct to the thoughts, so that the thoughts are creative and, “do not lose themselves in the emptiness of senselessness.” (“…und sich nicht in der Leere der Sinnlosigkeit verlieren...“). If we possess a normal rationality then we are not only masters of our thoughts but also masters over the might of our thoughts. We are thereby the creators of our own moralities, our own characters and our own personalities and the states of our psyches. We forge our entire life circumstances and our environments and our entire destinies.

We can recognise that mistakes are necessary. They are necessary for our evolution. Billy says, “The path of progress is generously paved with mistakes”, and without an appropriate quantity of mistakes there can be no achievement and no progress. But we should only accept the mistakes which serve evolution and not those which do not, and therefore we must accept those mistakes which are inevitably bound up with the achievement of the evolutive purpose of our lives, and not those which are simply the result of ignoring the lessons of the previous mistakes.

Another creational law is that every cause has a preceding effect, and we evolve by means of the process of cause and effect. And so we learn as a result of the law of causality. We learn that nothing is a matter of chance (which does not exist anyway). According to this law, and this principle of life, we ourselves create fairness (Gerechtigkeit) or unfairness, by means of our thoughts, through the process of cause and effect.

“As a consequence of the cause-effect principle of the thoughts, a virtuous, noble and modest character, and a corresponding personality, are not a matter of random chance, or the result of a lottery, which must simply be accepted, but instead they are a matter of a self-determined, good, positive destiny, and are the natural result of right, neutral-positive balanced thinking and of the willing, constant efforts to maintain an effect which corresponds with a long-tended connection with creationally-right thoughts.”

A further creational truth, which enables us to find the guidance we need to pursue our own evolutive purpose, is that we can find wisdom and guidance within ourselves if we only learn to pay attention. Billy, in Goblet of Truth, explains that we should not make it so difficult for ourselves to find the right path. We should simply observe the creational energy and its power which flows through us and enlivens us, and we should observe how we use it in order to create our ideas, thoughts and feelings which we form into that which is good or that which is bad. Then, without great effort, we find everything that we have to know. We carry everything within us in order to personally, consciously develop into a true human being, but we must create and maintain the required capabilities and possibilities within ourselves in order to do this.

In his book, Ein Quentchen Wissen Sinn und Weisheit (A little Bit of Knowledge Sense and Wisdom) Billy writes, “The innermost, spiritual-creational self of the human being is his most precious possession, the most valuable pearl of his life, the greatest of all hidden treasure in him and the greatest value that he carries around with him. His innermost nature - his true creational self - is the true stone of wisdom. It does not consist of silver, gold or precious gems, rather of creational energy and true creational love - always ready to penetrate into the human being’s deepest consciousness and also his most external consciousness so that he listens to it and aligns himself with it in order to live in the creational-natural sense, to be progressive and to fulfil his life according to laws and recommendations.”

Then Billy very helpfully elaborates, in Might of Thoughts…, on how our innermost self relates to our inner self and our outer self. We have an innermost nature, which is that of our spirit form. Then we have our inner nature, which corresponds to the consciousness - to the personality, which we forge ourselves. We also have an external nature which expresses itself outwardly. In order to fulfil our evolutionary obligation, we need to form our consciousness - our personality - according to our innermost nature. Having done so, we need to express that personality/consciousness – which is now in harmony with our innermost, spiritual nature – outwardly in our environment. Goblet of Truth explains how important it is that this process is a conscious one. The more conscious we become in our evolution, and the more consciously we progress, the more the outer shell of our creationally-conditioned Wesen assumes its form.

The blind acceptance of religious dogmas and other ideologies does not allow for the evolution of the human being’s consciousness, since these dogmas or ideologies are not allowed to be questioned, and this thwarts questioning and thinking about life in general, and it therefore thwarts the gathering of love, knowledge and wisdom. In conclusion, as Billy says in Goblet of Truth, “Clean your thoughts and feelings, because they are the most significant factors of your evolution and how you conduct your life, and you must create, through them, a new humanity which comprehensively follows the creational laws and recommendations and leads its life according to their truth, so that, finally, true love comes about among the human beings of Earth so that you as individuals, as well as groups and peoples, can live in real freedom and harmony as well as in true peace.”