Time is Running Out...

Time is Running Out... Wake Up the Human Beings of the Earth!

By Adam Dei Rocini, 7th March 2013

All FIGU members and everyone worldwide who is familiar with FIGU and its information knows that, for decades, ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier and the FIGU have been warning governments and human beings around the world to change their ways for the better, in just about every conceivable form; to turn away from everything which is adverse to nature, which is destructive and harmful to human beings and all life and to turn to the truth, the Creation and its laws and recommendations. FIGU is by no means the only one who has been calling to humanity to leave its wrong ways and to turn to the true life. However, much calling has fallen on many deaf ears.

All human beings with their senses open know that we are no doubt near the end, which has been forewarned by all the prophets of old. This does not simply mean that we are reaching the end of the Age of Pisces and are moving into the Age of Aquarius, nor does it mean that the entire world is going to come to an end. This refers to the prophesied period of time upon the Earth which has not seen its like in all the past and will not be seen again in all the future. Many of the prophecies of the old prophets, which have been written down and preserved for the last 2000 years and before, in regards to the disasters in the world and the destruction of humanity in many forms, have already been fulfilled. Many other prophecies are very worryingly and extremely rapidly beginning to be fulfilled. Anyone with an open mind, who can see the signs, is able to perceive that there is little time left before greater destruction in different forms will befall the Earth. The time has passed to completely avoid the coming disasters, as many of the prophecies have turned into predictions, therefore only the extent and damage of the coming disasters may be reduced. Nonetheless, everything helpful, which can be done to warn human beings of this, howsoever small, should be carried out regardless. The warning of humanity is necessary, even if it is to help just one human being, who has strayed away from the true path, to find the light amid all the darkness. One of the most frightening things is that the spiritual darkness which has blanketed many human beings, is not recognised as actual darkness by them, but is mistaken for the light, while the true light of life remains unknown to them. Like the dim moonlight which is considered as the brightest light, while the sun has not ever dawned. Put another way, many human beings have strayed so far from the laws and recommendations of the Creation, that they do not even recognise the true mode of life any longer, consequently guiding them onto the correct path is an almost impossible task and, very sadly, quite a number will not walk this path in their current lifetimes.

The points below are derived or taken directly from the Predictions of the Prophets Jeremia and Elia[1], who lived over 500 years before Jmmanuel (alias Jesus Christ) and who foresaw the future time. Note that in these predictions from Jeremia (around 600 BC) and Elia (around 800 BC), that, at that time, the kind of humanity that we are living in at this very moment would have been almost inconceivable to imagine as being possible. Even many of the prophecies from modern day seers and those living during the last centuries, which seemed implausible for Earth humanity at the time they were given, are beginning to be fulfilled with frightening accuracy. Such is the extent that humanity has strayed from the truth and into ruin in such a short period of time.

The following was foreseen by the prophets Jeremia and Elia for the future time.

Does much, if not all of this, not correspond to the times we are living in at this very moment? If this list is not enough to cause the reader to tremble or to shed a tear in sadness for the fate of humanity, and to take action in some form, then he/she should consider if he/she is worthy of the name human being.

The most frightening thing is that many human beings have become completely indifferent and unfeeling towards all of this and it has come to be accepted and considered normality for them in life. Many human beings do not even bother to think over any of the above points at all, because they mindlessly believe that none of them actually apply to them, or that everything is beyond their responsibility. Those, who are presented and read the true teaching, are given the possibility to change their attitude and behaviour for the better in every form, however many continue to keep their senses closed to it. Instead of recognising and correcting lack of knowledge, wrongdoing and heedlessness in their lives, many continue to tread the dark path towards becoming inhuman. Also, many ones who lack knowledge are still looking to make a name for themselves in the world, in the pursuit of their useless endeavours and through the carrying out of untruth. They are afraid of the truth and are more concerned that the upholding of it will cause damage to their self-image and their valueless worldly endeavours and fulfilments. Human beings such as this have nothing to offer the world, rather only those who side with the truth and what is right. The senses of many human beings have become hardened and closed to the truth, they read it but refuse to comprehend it, they listen to it but refuse to heed it, they are instructed in it, but do not live according to it. Nonetheless, everything must be examined by the cowardly and insensitive ones also, as it is high time for many human beings to examine themselves. In fact, a thorough self-examination is in order for each and everyone, and regularly, so that he/she can check whether he/she has strayed from the true path of life in any manner, or continues to follow it.

The time is running out for waking up many human beings from their deathly slumber. Comparatively few human beings among the entire mass of humanity know fairness, forgiveness, remorse, reverence, sympathy and feeling for others any longer, as these have been taken over by the following of unfair, illogical and delusional human-created  laws, selfishness, consciencelessness, self-importance, haughtiness, avariciousness, and so forth. The bowls, which are full of the uncorrected inequity and heedlessness of human beings, are indeed overflowing and there are very few bowls left to contain it all. Like dark, black clouds which eventually must be emptied, the same applies to the inequity and heedlessness which human beings have accumulated upon Earth. The time is short until the fair reconciliation for this inequity and heedlessness will be poured out in greater measure over human beings and fairness will be meted. During this time, the only real certainty and refuge available to each human being will be that which he/she has granted himself/herself through the correcting of his/her guilt and wrongdoing, following and honouring the laws and recommendations of the Creation and in not straying from them. This follows one of the eternal laws of life, which is, that although the human being shares his/her existence with all life, ultimately he/she is always responsible for himself/herself in every regard. This means that only he/she can follow and honour the laws and recommendations of the Creation and no one else can take up this responsibility for him/her.

The human being who has pondered life and its meaning to a certain extent knows that the human being does not live only for himself/herself, but truly lives for other human beings and all life. Therefore, such a one is inspired to live a moral and virtuous life for others and in this manner sets an example for fellow human beings. The human being shall be glad that lack of knowledge, guilt and wrongdoing are conditions that can be remedied and shall know that he/she is not alone in this regard. Many others have had to correct, or are correcting these, in coming to know the truth. Not only this, but they also have had to steer past all the lies and deception in this world as well. Absolutely no human being can escape this and there is no shame associated with having to face and correct these; on the contrary, only in not doing so.

In the time following and with the increasing destruction which will inevitably befall the Earth and human beings, many are no doubt going to discover, with absolutely terrifying clarity, that the life which they have lived was never worthy of the name life. They will wish that everything can be taken back and be done again, however, in many cases, it will be too late. Therefore, at the first available moment, the human being must come to the realisation, through his/her pondering, that life is indeed a gift which is given to him/her by the Creation and exists for the purpose of his/her evolution and that of fellow human beings and all humanity. The correcting of guilt and wrongdoing can guide the human being to the path of truth; however evolution can only take place when he/she lives according to the laws and recommendations of the Creation.

Walking the path of the truth requires that the human being get rid of all his/her unfair, illogical and delusional ideas and obsessions, materialism, harmfulness and immorality, and follow the Creation and its laws and recommendations. Also, all the distractions of the modern world, in the form of idle entertainment, useless activities and so forth, rob the human being of valuable time in order to think over everything correctly and make the necessary changes. Truly, nothing of any value can be found in these.

In the short time that is left before increasing destruction in the world, there are a number of things which can be done to help at least one human being to find the truth and to make a positive difference.



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