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Beamship Footage

Filmed in Switzerland by 'Billy' Eduard A. Meier with a Super 8 camera (except "Bachtel" which was filmed with a video camera)

The complete footage of these sequences can be seen in the following videos: "Contact from the Pleiades" and "Beamship: The Meier Chronicles" or "Beamship: The Movie Footage".

The entire film of the "cake ship" floating in front of the tree at "Bachtel" can be seen in the video "Ausschnitte/Reportagen" ("Clips/Reportages"). All videos are available in the FIGU Shop.

Please note that the original film footage is from the 1970s. The sound and picture quality is correspondingly inferior, in that the films were taken by Billy with the simplest means and set to music for presentation purposes.

Click here to view the beamship footage.