Overpopulation and its Effects from A to Z

Translation and adaptation by Vibka Wallder from the original article “Überbevölkerung und ihre Folgen” by Achim Wolf, published in FIGU bulletin No. 77.

6th Sep 2012

Always too much of everything is unhealthy; that also applies to the number of human beings on our planet.

Boundless population growth is causing the limit of the Earth’s resources to be reached.

Chemical contaminations worsen through more and more human beings who need more and more goods.

Degeneration of the human beings occurs through increasing numbers, effeminacy and estrangement.

Epidemics, misery, need, hunger, illness and death increase more and more with overpopulation.

Freedom, peace, human dignity, attention, respect, equality and justice are trampled.

Gewalt, contempt for human beings and destruction of nature spread uncontrollably.

Hectic conditions result on Earth if the overpopulation is not contained rigorously.

Industrialisation and growth at all costs systematically destroy the nature of planet Earth.

Jeopardising life and acting criminally and irresponsibly towards life results from uncontrolled propagation of human beings.

Killing, Wars, crime, anarchy, Gewalt and lovelessness become rampant.

Limitless, thoughtless and uncontrolled breeding does not correspond to truly living, rather procreating in a controlled manner with sense and intellect does.

Meaningful humane life becomes almost impossible, because the living space becomes smaller for every human being.

Need, hunger, poisoning of the environment and destruction of the basics of life are the result of overpopulation.

Order decreases, which leads to disorder, confusion and chaos.

Pure negligence, indifference, god delusion and irresponsibility are causing the all-destroying overpopulation.

Quacks and incapable ones in power know this truth, but they do nothing about it, because they live by the motto “I don’t care what happens after I have gone”.

Radioactive contamination spreads more and more, because more and more human beings need energy, which is generated through nuclear power stations.

Selfishness, greed, stinginess, resentment and enviousness towards fellow human beings are increased with the decreasing availability of good food, clean water, shelter and essential resources for all.

Typhoons, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are becoming worse, because too many human beings torment the Earth.

Unemployment rises, which can lead to homelessness and poverty.

Very much of the destruction of one’s own basics of life, it’s preservation, that is to say restoration, is only possible through meaningful birth regulation – the human being has the choice to either live in dignity or to perish in the destruction.

World population must not grow boundlessly, otherwise humanity commits a collective suicide.

Xenomania and Xenophobia and loss of national identity increase through excessive immigration.

Yaks, dolphins, rhinoceroses, whales, sharks, tigers and many other animal species will become extinct if we do not act now.

Z for zero birth-rate and birth control; human beings, become rational and listen to your rationality. You must act against the rampant overpopulation, otherwise you have to accept the bitter consequences.